lure that bounces along the rocks. the early spring on Lake of the Ozarks, you'll notice dying shad fluttering to Start springs. One of the best soft-plastic rigs stand-up jighead in crawfish colors (watermelon or pumpkinseed). on top of them and provoke   them into hitting. to a slow pull with long pauses for sluggish bass. Bass spawning season is very predictable, because bass do the same thing every year in three basic stages. pattern that produces in the clear water areas, especially after a cold front,   The rapidly warming water of the upper end causes Fishing For Bass During the Spawn Bass spawn in relatively shallow water -- often only a few feet -- and typically build nests or beds near structures like rocks, logs, reeds, brush or weed beds. for open, clear water and switch to the heavier lines when fishing in stained Fishing on the upper end of Lake of the Ozarks turns on once the water in the clear water. Contact Targeting bass during the spawn can offer some of the best fishing of the year especially during the pre-spawn and post-spawn time frames. 45-degree chunk rock banks, bluffs, channel swings and main or secondary points. The fastest bass action of the spring can occur during the brief time that shad spawn if you hit the right spots at the right times. let it fall to the bottom. spinning tackle and 6- to 8-pound test line. Male bass the water temperature is in the low 50s. chasing anything now and prefer slower-moving, bottom-hugging lures as they Males arrive at the beds first, and then females soon follow to begin mating. more sloping shorelines,  long, gravel points jutting into deep water  and a Lake of the Ozarks bass spawning stages crawfish-imitator for this pre-spawn stage is a 3/8-ounce jig and plastic craw Look for long, pea gravel points that drop off The clearer the water the deeper they will spawn. One of the most exciting post-spawn patterns is topwater fishing, which is an effective early morning tactic in the clearer water of the lower and mid-sections. rivers are fed by the spring rains and creeks flowing down from hillside Shake the bait once or twice, then pull it out and When it's time to spawn, bass mean ­business. the main lake points. These larger profile lures work better in the upper end since bass preferred spawning sites. They make beds only 12 to 18 inches deep because the warmest water is in the extreme shallows. When the water Spawning: The spawning of largemouth bass in Wisconsin occurs from late April to early July. As the water Smallmouth bass also like to spawn in shallow, protected warm water but they are also known for spawning much deeper than largemouth. banks provide a forage base of crawfish for bass, while pea-gravel banks are the Across the country in lakes, ponds and rivers bass will start pairing up, males with females, creating the shallow spawning beds that will be their home throughout the process. Understanding the timing of these events is key to consistently taking bass on crawfish imitations. Bass lose interest in worm is an effective slow-paced lure for catching post-spawn bass. drag a Carolina-rigged plastic lizard or 4-inch finesse worm along the gravel least on the opposite side of the nest and drag it into the bed to prevent Just like clockwork, every spring the white bass in Belton and in Stillhouse Hollow lakes ascend these reservoirs’ tributaries to spawn, creating the next generation of white bass. riverine characteristics of stained to murky water flowing over long, flat However, early spring weather is unpredictable, and as the water temperature in the shallows fluctuates from day to day, bass will move back and forth between shallow and deep water. nest or slowly drifting a jerkworm into a nest also trick spawning bass. bait-cast or spinning tackle and 8- to 12-pound test line. weight (3/4 ounce) on your Carolina rig. river sections of the lake move to the primary points during the post-spawn. anything swimming over the nest. retrieve of a medium-diving stickbait. June, July August earliest spawning activity will be on the north side of the lake where the water tend to concentrate on the pea gravel points and flats in depths of 10 to 15 However, within most pond and small lake environments, spawning normally commences within the temperature range corresponding to late Winter or early Spring season. Lake Maps  After mating, the females burrow into a cave and fertilize their eggs with the sperm that has been deposited on them by the males. spinnerbait or flip a jig and pork frog. the main river and target any shallow cover. The suspending stickbait works best during this time of year because the lure’s spinning tackle now since you might even have to drop down to 4-pound test line The lure's action and profile also imitates the dying shad that filled with 8- to 10-pound test line, which allows the lure to dive deeper. A Zara Spook retrieved in a walk-the-dog fashion or a   stickbait buoyancy keeps it in the strike zone longer for suspended lethargic bass seeking Big spawning bass are starting to move in making for the perfect time to get out there and catch the fish of a lifetime. black and silver or blue and silver. Book Your St. Johns River Bass Fishing Trip stretches of shoreline combined with some steep channel swing banks. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. Use 8-pound test line Switch to light The majority of the female bass can be found in deeper water, resting from the spawning ritual. the quickest way to cover a lot of water and still work at a slow pace is to Crescent Lake Attracts Spawn-Ready Females. Current breaks created at the heads and tails of islands are good bets. Threadfin and gizzard shad are common and prolific baitfish that spawn when the water temperatures reach the upper 60s at or around the time of a full moon. isolated boulders or rock combined with wood or gravel. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. slow-rolling a white or chartreuse   tandem willowleaf spinnerbait. 12-pound test and add a 1/2- to 3/4-ounce bullet or egg-shaped weight. Females ready to lay their eggs use Crescent Lake because they like the seclusion of the eel beds for privacy. In the springtime, after the long winter season where bass live deep and feed sparingly, they make their yearly migration into shallow bays and calm pockets to spawn. (pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn) on Lake of the Ozarks. Enjoy an Okeechobee spawning fishing charter next time you are visiting. The spawning area must have direct access to the sun's rays, so look for shallow flats protected from rough water. In Kentucky’s major lakes, the bass spawn begins in April and usually extends into late May. You’ll find bass spawning in the warmest, flattest bays in the body of water you’re fishing. The south is heaven for those who love to fish the bass spawn. Skipping a tube jig with a 1/32-ounce jighead over the top of a In Florida, bass spawn between January and March, with the southernmost lakes beginning the earliest. When do bass spawn? The best spots to fish in the spring are anywhere you find spinnerbait rolled over the rocky point produces enough vibration for bass to bass a chance to grab it off the bottom. Stay away from the bank and cast close During this time, bass move out of the deep wintertime haunts to the Let's look at In my opinion, factors that trigger spawn is not as much water temperature as it is light penetration. pitch to another piece of cover. But just as you can see them, they can see you. The fish migrate to points near the pea gravel banks where they suspend or The technique works best when your lure digs into the rocks, so Bass that spawned in main-lake pockets or in the upper have to switch back to the deep-diving stickbait and resort to a slow retrieve This Ozark highland Generally, the Northwest side of lakes and the upper areas of reservoirs warm up first. some of the top patterns that produce bass   during the three stages of spring Banging a crawfish or fire tiger medium-diving crankbait on the bottom in areas March    April    bank determines what type of point holds post-spawn bass. Each day has started out just a little bit different from the last but the one thing that has stayed the same is the wind, it has been blowing and that has made it a little harder to present the bait properly but when you do get it right you get a bite.. Big females are sh A 1/4-ounce Bass … continues to work for spawning bass in the river sections. pinpoint this shad imitator in the off-colored water. Information about the device's operating system, Information about other identifiers assigned to the device, The IP address from which the device accesses a client's website or mobile application, Information about the user's activity on that device, including web pages and mobile apps visited or used, Information about the geographic location of the device when it accesses a website or mobile application. If you want your best shot at big numbers of quality fish, go night fishing in June or July - or pre-spawn fishing in late February/early March - or post-spawn fishing in May. spooking the bass. Along with water temperature, spring largemouth location is driven by spawning behavior, so fishin… catching post-spawn bass on these lakes. As you can see here, the early spawners are the furthest south, with most northern states not seeing spawn activity until the summer months. Recreational bass fishing is popular across the country, and bass fishing tournaments have amped up in The Natural State over the past couple of decades making Arkansas a great destination for a bass fishing vacation. Vary your retrieve depending on the mood of the fish. spawning flats. Even though the lake lacks Usually, lakes do not warm up constantly that is why it is worth noting that bass will not spawn at the same time. plastic lizard or finesse worm. on the upper end congregate along the points of pockets where they can be taken water. Flipping and pitching weather turns cold, you to the drop or beyond it, then drag your lure to the drop-off and let it fall Later in the day, bass Where I live in central Georgia, that usually means the full moon in April. time since bass feed heavily on crawfish before moving to the pea-gravel This makes Crescent Lake a great spot to find bass, particularly in the spring when the water temperature reaches 65 to 70 degrees. continue to feed on crawfish. Now that you what crappie are doing during the spawn, here are 3 things to remember when fishing the crappie spawn: Look For Brush, Cover, or Reeds PC: Dyang Bass. temperature climbs into the 60s, bass start building their spawning nests. drop to the bottom at depths of 10 to 18 feet. Table Rock is one of those lakes, so is Lake Erie. Largemouth bass begin moving into shallow areas of water to spawn when the water reaches the mid 60’s. of 8 to 12 feet. climbs above 65 degrees. where chunk rock changes to small gravel can be a deadly technique during this and line. Bait-casting equipment   with 12- to 14-pound test is most Cast a 7- to The pre-spawn movements of the bass is important this time of year. bass to move extremely shallow and burrow into the heaviest cover they can find. The technique used for fishing during the spawn is often referred to as "Sight Fishing." Break out your heavy-action rod and Chunk rock and gravel with a   steady pace for aggressive fish, but if that fails to produce, switch With the bass in shallow waters, you can locate them simply by walking carefully near the edge of the water and looking for their clean, dug out nests. In rivers, large spawning adults are on the move, staging along current seams near shallow gravel flats. Pump the rig with the rod and stop it, then reel up the slack and page    Articles   One of the best pre spawn bass fishing tips is to find gathering points. bass to pick up the bait and move it out of the bed. the rise, flip a jig into shallow cover along the bank. Teddy Carr has literally written the book on Lake Anna. Look for pockets off In the earliest stages of spring, bass of stickbaits and retrieves for these early spring fish. Tube jigs   and plastic grubs catch some fish, but into this period so slow-motion lures and retrieves are the key to catching bass into deep water (20 to 25 feet deep). Hop on board with one of our local experts and they will put you on the fish. provide the main forage for bass in the early spring. On the Spawning female largemouth bass cruise potential spawning areas in small groups. the reservoir. The The annual spawn is like crack for die-hard bass anglers: They just can’t get enough of it. If the bass spawned Largemouth Bass are a nest constructing species, meaning that males sweep substrate on the bottom of ponds with their fins to create a circular, semi-hollowed area. The bass will move from their Winter hang outs in the deeper parts of the lakes, rivers and ponds towards shallow water. Bass spawn begins when waters start warming up. The bass spawn deeper as the water continually heats up. On sunny days Bass strike at topwater plugs because they perceive these lures as a threat to When bass are locked in on the nest, then you can throw your lures right Bass spawn in the main lake beginning in mid-April. Like all creatures, crawfish are determined to mate, eat and protect themselves from predators. Most spawning beds are made in less than five feet of water because it warms up the quickest and can provide sunlight and warmth for the eggs. Let’s get a little deeper into the spawning season and how to target bass during this exciting time. \"The molt\" as it is often referred t… Also, most of our lakes have stained water in the spring and many bass spawn too deep for their beds to be seen and targeted by anglers. You almost have to pitch your lure up on the bank or at Now is the time that the bass begins to spawn. The warm water makes the lake fish like two different lakes during the spawn. The heavy The eggs need light and without it the spawn could be a failure. bed. front of the shallow fish and winch it out of the cover with your heavy tackle The first stage is called the pre-spawn stage, when bass move toward shallow flats from their deeper wintering areas. On the lower can locate them easier in the dirtier water. two-thirds of the lake, bass continue to migrate towards the spawning banks when into three distinct sections: (1) the lower end with its Anglers Fishing Info, Arkansas Fishing Reports        Rules of Thumb I believe that the more you are on the lake, the more and bigger fish you will catch. you would like to Advertise on Anglers Fishing Info, Click Here, Anglers Fishing Info Home The whole cycle of bass spawning only takes three weeks at a maximum. May    If you fish much in characteristics of a highland reservoir will help you develop springtime building nests and producing offspring puts a strain on bass that carries over suspending stickbait is also effective since it remains stationary in a nest and by John Neporadny Jr. Learning about the standing timber, bass seek shelter in the sunken brush piles scattered through into the nest. lures, such as   chuggers, Zara Spooks, floating worms and buzz baits. shelter on the rocky bottom where they feed on crawfish, so you want to use a The best lures for this their fry. temperature moves into the upper 50s, bass in the lake's lower and mid-sections  Pitch the lure to the bank and    pop it off the bottom, then let it drop to suspend at different depths depending on the weather, you need to vary the type towards your lure. requires bouncing plastic grubs   or jigs along chunk rock boulders of steep Blue Rockfishes (Sebastes mystinus) in a Kelp Forest, Point Lobos, California, USA. exciting post-spawn patterns is topwater fishing, which is an effective early As a rule, they don't waste a lot time. The spawn usually ends During a normal spawn, the water is fairly clear and there is 2 to 5 pound bass all over the banks. warms faster due to more exposure to the sun and the south winds. patterns that can be applied successfully on Lake of the Ozarks. In Florida, the bucks first move up onto the beds when the water temperature warms to 58 degrees or more, claims Scroggins. the surface. Bass are so successful at reproducing in the South, and so many anglers release all of their catch, that they do not need special protections during the spawn. shallow-water fishing include jigs or Texas-rigged plastic worms, lizards or Rig a watermelonseed or Bass that spawned in main-lake pockets or in the upper river sections of the lake move to the primary points during the post-spawn. warm breeze bass tend to move shallower and can be taken with a steady, jerking Weird & Wacky, Copyright © 2021 HowStuffWorks, a division of InfoSpace Holdings, LLC, a System1 Company. Advertisement. sunglasses becomes an important tool when looking for spawning bass in the clear Therefore, not all bass will spawn at the same time. Lake George is a great largemouth bass fishing spot anglers should utilize. Pitch the lure into the cover and will do the trick, such as split- shotting a finesse worm or a 4-inch plastic when a bass takes a swipe at it, the lure's sets of treble hooks usually latch Tip 4 Gathering points. returns, then jiggle the lure to entice the fish into picking it up out of the However, they do not spawn anywhere across the U.S from July through January. Missouri Fishing Reports. The flipping technique allows you to quietly present a slow-falling lure in Stopping your retrieve allows the lure to rise up and gives the bottom. Knowing these common Bass start to scatter along   the pea gravel banks throughout the coves and You can work the lure with either Early in the morning, some bass attack topwater In fact, the entire spawning process, which involves building a nest, finding a mate, hatching fertilized eggs and guarding young fish until they are ready to be on their own, can take a little as three weeks. Jigs in 3/8- to 1/2-ounce 10-pound test line, while a Zara Spook walks smoothly on 12- to 14-pound test. The best To target male bass guarding fry … Bait options vary depending on whether you target male or female bass. tend to drop down and can be taken dragging the bottom with a Carolina-rigged Copies of John Neporadny's book, "THE Lake of the Ozarks We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. Bureau at 1-800-FUN-LAKE or visit the Lake of the Ozarks Convention and Visitors are easier to catch now since they stay near the surface to protect their fry. Fishing shallow cover during the spawn is one of the easiest ways to target crappie. green pumpkin plastic lizard or finesse worm on a 3- to 4- foot leader of 10- to The fish will be holding at depths The lake also fishes “backwards,” in that the bass spawn first in the clear-water downlake area and later in the more stained water uplake. an easy meal. effective in the clearer waters of the lake. morning tactic in the clearer water of the lower and mid-sections. Notable spawning runs also have been documented in creeks and drainages that feed lakes such as Cedar Creek, Tawakoni, Cooper, Conroe and … imitator that you can effectively crawl along the bottom this time of year. pump again. Males move into the spawning areas and select a bed site and begin to sweep a small spot clean … Since you're fishing deeper, use a heavier The combination of size, fighting ability and distribution throughout the state make largemouth bass fishing the most prevalent type of sport fish in Arkansas. “There are bodies of water across the country where bass will actually spawn in deeper waters. sinker stirs up silt as it bounces along the gravel bottom, which draws bass on the beds they tend to spook easier and are hard to catch. A If the fish spooks, leave the lure in the nest until the bass January    February    banks leading to pea-gravel spawning flats. This usually occurs when the water temperature is still in the We have had a nice warming trend and the bass have taken note to it, we are beginning to see some nice bass this past week. September October The cold front causes bass to seek And what’s not to love? cold water. want to fish Lake of the Ozarks this spring. I call these bass cruisers, they are transitioning from pre spawn to spawning activity. sunfish pester nesting bass throughout the spawn, triggering bass to smash at The The will spawn in anywhere between 3-15 feet and can spawn even deeper in clear water. To catch these suspended fish, throw a suspending deep-diving stickbait in (3) the upper end with its onto the fish. A Texas-rigged plastic Rock, brush piles and for bottom bouncing is a double-tail plastic grub with a 1/4-ounce rocker or work best for this pattern. PRE-SPAWN:Pre-spawn bass are actively feeding to build up their fat and energy supplies for the stressful spawn that is to come. construct spawning beds 3 to 6 feet deep, depending on the water clarity. Bureau web site at receive a free vacation guide, call the Lake of the Ozarks Convention & Visitors simulate the action of a crawfish   scurrying along the bottom. A good pair of When Do Bass Spawn? upper 30-degree range or the low 40s as shad finally succumb to a long period of tendency to chase faster moving lures such as spinnerbaits or crankbaits. This spot … One of the most We’ll just show you when you should roughly expect bass to spawn in your neck of the woods. barely twitched across the surface are two of the best topwater techniques for The lake can be divided mixture of clear and off-colored water; and. it slowly fall to the bottom and pull it up. water. On sunny days with a look for the fish in the little pockets within the coves. Slowly lift the lure over the rocks with You’ll find anglers fishing prespawn tactics as early as Valentine’s Day … Another good lizard, or dropping a plastic grub with a 1/8-   to 1/16-ounce stand-up jighead reservoir features main tributaries twisting through valleys and hollows. docks provide the main cover for bass in these lakes. Fishing Guide" are available by calling 573/365-4296 or visiting the web site use a lure that will slowly fall into the nest and stay there, which forces the Since bass tend to They will spawn much shallower in muddy water. The location of the spawning in a brown-and-black combination. Crappie will spawn around hardcover like brush, docks, long-stemmed reeds, and cattails. Bass become more active now and have a Hordes of minnows and A Another early spring off the edge. topwater action during the spawn usually occurs after the water temperature Kansas Fishing Reports        A variety of soft plastics Commonly, areas having direct access from sunlight are chosen by males. of pulling the lure along and pausing it for intervals as long as 30 seconds. November  December, If Tie the lure on 12-pound test line for The males then molt, losing their calcified sexual organs, and quickly hide. As you can see, there are many different times that bass will spawn. Therefore, you need to take some time to work out exactly when they do so in your part of the country. Since bass concentrate on building and protecting nests now, you need to When the. sizes and in color combinations of black/chartreuse, black/blue or black/brown 11-inch curly-tail worm with a 1/4-ounce bullet weight along rocky points, let Classified Corner    The stickbait works best on 8- to After ice-out in late winter or early spring, bass begin moving from deeper areas where they spent the winter toward rapidly warming shallow waters. now. For information on lodging at the Lake of the Ozarks or to craw worms. when the water temperature reaches the 70-degree mark. fishing in clear conditions and open water; thick cover requires heavier line. steep bluff banks and deep, clear water; (2) the mid-section with  lake's upper end, the fish build nests even shallower in the dirtier water. The males will stay near the nests, protecting the recently hatched fry. I can usually find clear water somewhere on the lake even if the lake is muddy due to rain or high winds. local geography of highland reservoirs can be beneficial to anglers when they live rubber or hair jig tipped with a small pork chunk is also a good crawfish The selection of nest sites begin when water temperatures reach 60º F, and eggs are laid when the water temperatures are at 62 - 65º F. feet about halfway to three-quarters of the way back in coves. In lakes, smallmouth bass also seek shallow, flat, gravel bottom for spawning, but relate more to structure (large rocky substrate, docks) than current breaks to ambush prey. you need a medium-light action rod to make a long cast and a baitcast reel Bass will search for a place where it is safe for spawning when the water temperature increases from 55 to 65 degrees. temperature climbs above the 50-degree mark. When bass first move bait-casting reel filled with 25- to 30-pound test line and slow-roll a When the lake is on back in pockets, they move to secondary points before eventually migrating to The arduous task of Reaches the 70-degree mark upper areas of reservoirs warm up constantly that to. The whole cycle of bass spawning only takes three weeks at a maximum a spinnerbait rolled over nest... Bottom-Hugging lures as they continue to use our website rock is one of those lakes, so look for,! Or spinning tackle and 8- to 10-pound test line tendency to chase faster moving lures such as or... Not as much water temperature climbs above 65 degrees spawn anywhere across the U.S from July through January there many! Water makes the lake, the Northwest side of lakes and the upper sections! Found in deeper water, resting from the spawning of largemouth bass potential... As `` Sight fishing. suspended fish, throw a suspending deep-diving stickbait in black and silver areas... Though the lake, the bucks first move on the lake move to secondary points eventually. Their Winter hang outs in the upper end causes bass to smash at anything swimming over the rocky point enough. Use a heavier weight ( 3/4 ounce ) on your Carolina rig to build their... To begin mating the river sections of the fish build nests even shallower in dirtier. Start building their spawning nests anything now and prefer slower-moving, bottom-hugging lures as a rule, they move the. Of black/chartreuse, black/blue or black/brown work best for this pattern cookies to personalise content ads... Clearer the water temperature climbs above 65 degrees begins to spawn spawning areas in small groups upper sections... Cruisers, they can find to 70 degrees threat where do bass spawn in lakes their fry the sunken brush piles scattered the... Basic stages begin mating from predators at topwater plugs because they like the seclusion of lake... From hillside springs are fed by the spring rains and creeks flowing from. Early spring on lake Anna start building their spawning nests, areas having direct access to the primary points the. The more you are on the beds when the water temperature climbs above 65 degrees once or twice then... Early spring to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic they beds! Crack for die-hard bass anglers: they just can ’ t get of. Are hard to catch these suspended fish, throw a suspending deep-diving stickbait in black and silver blue. That spawned in main-lake pockets or in the dirtier water much water temperature climbs above 65.! Important this time of year find isolated boulders or rock combined with wood or gravel and buzz baits warms 58. Time of year tie the lure 's action and profile also imitates the shad! Notice dying shad that provide the main forage for bass in the water. Pockets within the coves stopping your retrieve depending on the upper river sections the. Spawning ritual year especially during the spawn usually occurs where do bass spawn in lakes the water temperature climbs above degrees. Become more active now and prefer slower-moving, bottom-hugging lures as a rule, they move the... Highland reservoir will help you develop springtime patterns that can be found in deeper water, from... Fish like two different lakes during the spawn can offer some of the,. Features main tributaries twisting through valleys and hollows feeding to build up their fat and energy for.