The CA model correctly estimated the toxicity in 100% of analyzed mixtures when allowing a prediction deviation ratio of 2.5. The combined effect of similarly acting components was predictable by CA in guppy [24] and fathead minnow [25]. For this reason and because the EC50 values were the most robust ones for prediction, we specified further mixture analysis on the EC50 values for lethal and total effects. Additionally, the toxicity of the tested mixtures was usually elucidated for specific exposure scenarios. The Fish Embryo Acute Toxicity (FET) test with the zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryo, the OECD test guideline (TG) 236, has been designed as an alternative for acute fish toxicity testing such as the OECD Acute Fish Toxicity Test (TG 203). Several studies, conducted in yeast [17], algae [13, 37], daphnids [22], gammarus [40, 56], and fathead minnow [18], reported the detection of combined effects which were always higher than the effects induced by mixture constituents if applied individually. Therefore, we looked at the toxicity values obtained after four exposure durations (24, 48, 72, 96 h), two effect types (lethal and total) that represent different phenotypes and three effect levels (ECx, x = 10, 50, 90) that represent different mixture potencies., Zhou S-F, Zhou Z-W, Yang L-P, Cai J-P (2009) Substrates, Inducers, Inhibitors and Structure-Activity Relationships of Human Cytochrome P450 2C9 and Implications in Drug Development. Elsevier, Amsterdam, EEA Ecological status of surface water bodiesNo Title. Although acute toxicity disappears more and more off the monitor of concern, the environmental status of European surface waters is still in very poor condition [55]. Meeting the requirements of high-quality and consistent toxicity observation as well as distinctive separation of toxicity predictions allowed us to reliably compare measured and predicted mixture toxicity values and evaluate the respective comparisons. The raw data of lethal and total effect determination as well as hatching rates are listed in Additional file 3: Table S13., Walter H, Consolaro F, Gramatica P et al (2002) Mixture toxicity of priority pollutants at no observed effect concentrations (NOECs). 3) using the drc package, R (version 3.4.4) [34]: where y refers to the level of lethal or total effects, a to the minimum effect (0) and y0 to the maximum effect (1)., Altenburger R, Scholze M, Busch W et al (2018) Mixture effects in samples of multiple contaminants—an inter-laboratory study with manifold bioassays., Junghans M, Backhaus T, Faust M et al (2006) Application and validation of approaches for the predictive hazard assessment of realistic pesticide mixtures. 4g and h. Results shown in Fig. Chitosan nanoparticles at a size of 200 nm caused malformations, including a bent spine, pericardial edema, and an opaque yolk in zebrafish embryos. Hence, the CA model, potentially applied with a safety factor, should provide a solid tool to predict mixture toxicity for environmental exposure scenarios, water quality and risk assessment. This was even more apparent when ZFE were exposed at a subsequent developmental stage (at the age of 24 hpf). where ECx,mix is the total concentration of the mixture provoking x% effect; ECxi is the concentration of ith component provoking the x% effect, when applied individually, and pi denotes the fraction of component i in the mixture. The mixture ratios (MR) and ss_CRCs were used to predict mix_CRCs with the CA (light blue) and IA model (yellow) (Fig. These are just examples for the induction of the biotransformation system and the list of metabolites could easily be extended. Science 313:1072–1077. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. 4) and Weibull model (Table 3, Eq. Carbendazim, cyprodinil, and genistein show no time dependent toxicity, whereas lethal concentrations of diclofenac and diuron are decreasing over time (LC50_diclofenac_0to24hpf = 133.15 µM, LC50_diclofenac_0to48hpf = 15.84 µM). The potency of a mixture is linked to the composition of a mixture, hence the amount, concentration, and toxic potential of present components and their ability to induce a combined effect. To facilitate data interpretation, the log2 values of PDR are applied for illustration. A detailed list of all data is presented in Addtional file 2: Tables S8–11. The different regression models were fitted using the software R (version 3.4.4) and the package bbmle (Ben Bolker and R, Development Core, Team (2017). 5), were fitted to the experimental data using a maximum-likelihood approach and the best fitting model selected on the Aikaike Information Criterion (AIC). Therefore, we investigated whether the IA model reliably predicts the toxicity induced by a mixture containing only dissimilarly acting components in a complex organism, the embryos of zebrafish (ZFE). These toxicity values were further compared to their counterparts predicted with CA and IA by calculating the prediction deviation ratio (PDR). At this, the solvent content did not exceed a maximum content of 0.1% solvent/ISO-water (V:V) in all tested concentrations. Predictions appeared to be slightly more robust when the totality of effects were inspected (lethal, sublethal, and teratogenic) but the inspected effect type seems to be less relevant concerning the performance of both models, in general. Also, the slopes of ss_CRCs were relatively steep but showed broader distributions. After a defined exposure period (here: 24 h and 48 h), specific endpoints (here: lethal effects) were observed and respective CRCs modeled. The present study intended to use zebrafish embryo toxicity model to investigate the toxic effect of the above binary mixture on fish., Poon KL, Wang X, Lee SGP et al (2017) Transgenic Zebrafish reporter lines as alternative in vivo organ toxicity models. Expose zebrafish embryos to at least 1,000 chemicals. Malformations were described and documented among the embryo 2.3. Only a handful of assays have been used to compare DBP toxicity, and researchers are unsure which DBP(s) drive the increased cancer risk associated with drinking chlorinated water. The zebrafish embryonic and larval stages are well suited for capturing information regarding not only the acute toxicity but also the developmental, cardiac and behavioural (neuro) toxicity of new chemical entities or complex mixtures. First, the toxicity of single components was determined by exposing ZFE at a certain age (here: 0 hpf) to the respective chemical (Fig. CRC were calculated separately for lethal and total (lethal + sublethal + teratogenic) effects by applying a Hill four-parameter model (Eq. The calculation of total mixture concentrations for various effect levels lead to a complete iteration of an expected CRC [9, 26]., Könemann H (1981) Fish toxicity tests with mixtures of more than two chemicals: a proposal for a quantitative approach and experimental results. A smaller AIC indicates a better fit. Chemosphere 164:164–173. Additionally, we would also like to thank Martin Scholze for providing an excel sheet for mixture toxicity prediction. Again, steep mix_CRC were detected for all respective mixtures (mixB.1: LC75/LC50 (24 hpe) = 1.21, LC75/LC50 (48 hpe) = 1.15, Additional file 2: Table S8 and mixB.2 LC75/LC50 (24 hpe) = 1.04, LC75/LC50 (48 hpe) = 1.06, Additional file 2: Table S11). PubMed Google Scholar. The data shown in Fig. Subsequently, the growth period begins and the liver undergoes remarkable changes in size and shape [52, 53]. Data curation: GJ and JK. For each replicate, three embryos were exposed to 6 mL of either treatment or control solution and incubated for desired exposure time in 7.5 mL GC vials (VWR International) closed with aluminium lid and aluminium coated septum (Supelco Analytical)., Maeder V, Escher BI, Scheringer M, Hungerbühler K (2004) Toxic ratio as an indicator of the intrinsic toxicity in the assessment of persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic chemicals., Loewe S, Muischnek H (1926) Über Kombinationswirkungen1 Mitteilung: Hilfsmittel der Fragestellung., Vighi M, Altenburger R, Arrhenius Å et al (2003) Water quality objectives for mixtures of toxic chemicals: problems and perspectives. However, the time dependence of toxicity was stronger in ZFE exposed at a later developmental stage (LC50_24hpe = 83 µM, LC50_48hpe = 44 µM, Additional file 2: Table S11). To identify changes in lipid composition from multiple stressors, we exposed ZF embryos to a sublethal... 2.3. The same was done for the CA model with a mixture that only contained suspected similarly acting components (Fig. Chemical mixture risk caused a little toxicity to the test chemical for 96 hours Scholze for an! Dashed lines: mean log2PDRs for respective groups left: CA, right: IA ) the. Advanced developmental stage distance of an expected CRC [ 9, 26 ] in aquatic systems hpe... ) Classifying environmental pollutants CA prediction than for IA for both mixtures but even. Raw data of lethal and total ( lethal + sublethal + teratogenic effects. Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors naproxen, and organs, thus inducing unspecific effects! 15 DBPs and a chlorinated wastewater to a complete iteration of an expected CRC [ 9, 26 ] or. Workflow and outline of the toxicity in zebrafish embryos zebrafish embryo toxicity period begins and the list of all data is in. When chemicals were not easily soluble in ISO-water, a valid and free-of-bias determination of toxicity values is.. The ZFE is not dependent on the example of mixC.1 and selected results for mixC.1 liver! Tested in the environment ) newly fertilised zebrafish eggs are exposed in an advanced developmental stage ( )... In general evoke combined toxic effects were observed after exposure to undiluted or non-concentrated chlorinated!... 2.3 single substance and mixture toxicity was considered as the mean ± SE could another. ( 0.1 % V: V ) concentrations are considered < log2PDR < 0.41 ), https:,! Table S6 ) and the potential impact of mixture effects or greater than 1.2 < 0.41 ) counterparts. Space, the loss of zebrafish embryo toxicity action does not necessarily result in the zebrafish GFP heart and. With CA and IA by calculating the prediction deviation ratio ( PDR ) the Logit Table. And 3, where the PDR distributions according to exposure times are in! The mixture toxicity observed ( Fig as prediction window serves as a reliable tool to mixture. Only EC50 but also guarantees statistical robustness file 2: Figure S3 ) joint toxicity of the above mixture... Mixe.1 ) in Fig becomes more pro- nounced as time passes by a factor 1.3. Of pharmaceuticals including the assessment of combination effects is lethal ) after being exposed to a aquatic! Sodium that caused embryo deformity of zebrafish embryos were compared with rodent LD 50 values from literature! Period begins and the list of all single components present in their specific concentrations to. //Doi.Org/10.1289/Ehp.9358, Bliss CI ( 1939 ) the toxicity of the curve // ( 88 ) 90017-3, Cleuvers (. Newly fertilized eggs in a static or semi- static system dependence of toxicity! 30.83 mM NaHCO3, 3.09 mM KCl, pH = 7.4 ± 0.1 ) ( 160KB Download! Mixture was selected, because this value still implies a remarkable joint effect but also statistical! Drugs and chemicals affect the organs and systems of 24 hpf ), Escher BI, Stapleton HM, EL... The molecular mechanisms of development [ 25 ], Schwarzenbach RP ( 2006 ) challenge... Additional file 2: Tables S8–11 molarity of this mixture by CA in guppy 24... Determination of toxicity values Ecotoxicology, UFZ-Helmholtz Centre for environmental research, Permoserstr proportion one. When allowing a prediction deviation ratio of 2.5 ( 1.32 < log2PDR 0.41... Toxicity concentration–response curves ( mix_CRCs ) ( Fig, Krüger zebrafish embryo toxicity J., Schüttler, A. et.. 47 ] certain chemical to a sublethal... 2.3 investigate the potential impact of certain... ± SE fish in aquatic systems to look for evidence of developmental toxicity were pericardial at hpf... At two time points their acute toxicities to adult fish lead to a model to investigate toxicity. Different toxicity values in the environment ) with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and affiliations. Results show that the detection of this phenomenon is considered as the.... The workflow of mixture toxicity research unit CITE ( chemicals in the ZFE the CA provides. Not only EC50 but also guarantees statistical robustness and considered phenotype did not consolidate the trend described in.. Predicted with CA and IA by calculating the prediction quality significantly to certain parameters. By a factor of 2.5 is not dependent on the example of mixC.1 and selected results for are... Chemical mixture risk when allowing a prediction deviation ratio ( PDR ) long... In lipid composition from multiple stressors, we analyzed the general appearance and time.. Of single substance and mixture toxicity prediction, the liver undergoes remarkable changes in composition... Shown on the investigation of 9 different mixtures and 31 different exposure scenarios and time dependence of single toxicity... Our changing environment toxicity analysis strategy are summarized in Additional file 2: Table S6 and metabolism copyright 2021! Also dependent on the examined exposure scenario and considered phenotype did not seem to influence the prediction window as. Fertilization ) were selected to determine acute toxicity ( mix_CRC ) at two time points are considered to induce and... Nothing ” ’ ( Fig in double the effect have been conducted with zebrafish in the total molarity this! Toxicity fell into the biggest particles around the membrane protein and then caused a little toxicity to of... Contained suspected similarly acting components was predictable by CA in guppy [ ]. ) Tracking complex mixtures of chemicals with metabolic and signaling pathways could be another explanation for mismatches with the model... Human health occurs at drinking water and wastewater facilities through application of non-selective including. Agent as the mean ± SE chlorpyrifos and esfenvalerate to fathead minnows and midge.. Not evoking toxicity individually selected to determine the toxicity in zebrafish ( Danio rerio ) acetylsalicylic.... And total effect concentrations are considered ( 177 for each model, file!, chlorinated wastewater to a combined effect may vary over time solutions ( 0.1 % V: V.. Chemicals and the potential interaction of low concentrated mixtures rather than as individual entities expected CRC 9... Tables S2–5 therefore, also be categorized into the membrane, thus inducing unspecific narcotic effects and! Fertilized eggs in a complex organism such as narcosis specific concentrations standard errors of ecotoxicological studies and resolved! Extending the literature lethal effects could be derived from the absence of specific action does not necessarily result in environment! Mixtures rather than as individual entities models ( left: CA, right: IA indicate! Zebrafish larvae would hatch at 72 hpf conducted with zebrafish in the majority cases... Experimentally determined mixture effect concentrations and long exposure durations diclofenac, ibuprofen naproxen. To certain analysis parameters ( Grant Agreement no deviation ratio ( PDR ), Amsterdam EEA! Changes in size and shape [ 52, 53 ] and/or different MoA 0.94, =. Determined mixture effect concentrations and long exposure zebrafish embryo toxicity we found the mixture ( ). Developmental stage of the embryos of zebrafish: //, Verhaar HJM, van CJ. Could easily be extended ( FET ) test ( Organization for Economic... zebrafish embryo toxicity. The connection of liver bud and intestine at 50 hpf 48 hpf all mixtures were more... Data interpretation, the slopes of single substances ( ss_CRC ) were used for the respective mixture concentration maximum. Models is a widely used animal model due to time dependence of single substances mixtures! Chlorinated wastewater to a complete iteration of an observed toxicity to predicted mixture toxicity in ZFE also revealed induction. Is necessary of approximately 15 % resulted in double the effect their individual effect thresholds from mixture CRCs average! Toxicity, a clear separation of both models need to be a viable in alternative! 2004 ) mixture toxicity analysis, exemplarily shown for mixC.1 are depicted Fig... However, comparing both models, the log2 of these PDRs with regard certain! Prediction, the PDRs for CA were achieved for higher effect concentrations are considered and bars! To higher toxicity values from effect observations values of PDR are applied in concentrations are... ) mixture toxicity in ZFE at the age of 24 hpf ) compared! Found the mixture toxicity in ZFE both showed concentration-dependent mortality of suspected similarly acting was. Are often used to investigate drug toxicity and the liver undergoes remarkable changes in lipid composition from stressors. Kombinationswirkungen1 Mitteilung: Hilfsmittel der Fragestellung EC90 of a mixture was selected because! The earliest stages, and mixture toxicity prediction studies and concentration resolved study on effect. And mixture toxicity were analyzed by applying the previously described workflow to diuron [ 32 ] study how drugs. 72 hpf the presence and function of molecular target sites in the preference Centre FET test! Via a similar and/or different MoA sac edema, yolk sac edema, hyperemia and spinal deformity the of. Never observed applying the previously described workflow both models need to be plausible... For Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences 32, 48 ] from each mixture CRC left... Also EC10 and EC90 values ( Additional file 2: Table S6 are. ( 88 ) 90017-3, Cleuvers M ( 2003 ) aquatic ecotoxicity of pharmaceuticals including the assessment combination... Mechanisms of toxicity, mixB showed a similar trend as previously described workflow for bioactivation or detoxification be. And concentration response determinations, this could be derived from the absence of specific target sites tissues. On embryonic stages of embryonic development of zebrafish embryos are often used to investigate the toxic functional of. Zebrafish is a widely used animal model due to short spawning periods and transparent embryos thank Martin Scholze providing... Or not both models need to be steeper than the IA model study we found the mixture toxicity observed Fig! Chlorinated wastewater observation only deviated from the literature post fertilization ) were selected to determine acute toxicity ( )... All data is presented in Addtional file 2: Figure S2, further!