No need to bring the dry flies because like in the San Juan, you will be fishing with tiny mayfly and midge patterns weighted deep, mended to keep an absolute dead drift. . The river hosts a healthy population of caddisflies along with forage food including crayfish and minnows. The state has several public access areas but these areas are not the best water. The river is dammed about 100 yards down. Great winter fishing by Scott Taylor (2012-01-21 21:14:06) [San Juan River] The fishing below the dam on the San Juan River has been very good! E-Newsletter Archive. Fly fishing? Anglers need to be conscious of the ledges and crevices and little divots in the river bottom, for these lies are where the trout are holding. The primitive state park and a couple of neighboring private campgrounds allow fishing for a nominal daily fee. On the water, you can swim, fish, paddle or boat. Tight lines! We put in at Spencer Canoes & Shady Grove Campground and paddled about 1.5 miles upstream. During times of higher flows wading can be downright dangerous on the monkey-greased limestone. Plan on fishing from either canoe or kayak. Fishing the drift with a Leisenring Lift will sometimes entice a strike on this flat, sometimes featureless water. The clear, cold Hill Country streams also hold sunfish the size of a Texas flapjack. Several good public access points are located near bridges and low water crossings. Trout? Fishing Blanco river in Wiberley Tx 5/27/17 Largemouth and Gaudalupe bass The banks are lined with cypress trees, making for a … The deep lake presents a problem for fly fishers not willing to fish heavy sinking lines. However, the deepest point on the river is located at the Blanco Rv At San Marcos reporting a gauge stage of 7.6 ft. Fly Fishing magazine identifies the Upper Blanco River area as ". This area of Texas rises at the Balcones Escarpment and spreads west across the Edwards Plateau. On land, you can picnic, hike, camp, watch for wildlife, and geocache. Our guides will navigate you through the tedium of access and get you on the water. The setting for our tours on the Blanco River is Cretaceous limestone surrounded by gently rolling hills and cliffs carved out by the river. Fly Fishing Report and Forecast for Blanco River, Texas. account_circle  The surface of the lake includes areas in both Burnet County and Llano County. Wow! In the Texas Hill Country? Flows may fluctuate drastically from one day to another; for up-to-the-minute flows, release schedules, and specific access points contact the LCRA (512-473-3333). A gate is provided to guests to enter the park and enjoy fishing, swimming and canoeing. Rio Blanco River: About 10 miles south of Pagosa Springs along US Highway 84. The Blanco is much more friendly than the Devils. Lots of small mouth on this section of the river. The lake is west of the city of Burnet, Texas. 14 in. This small park hugs a one-mile stretch of the river. The local hard-core anglers know about the fertile waters of the Colorado River, the Blanco River, and the Guadalupe River, to name but a few. Float. Found on of the springs that feed the river. any personal information to the agency. There are several excellent fisheries located near these towns, just waiting to be explored with a fly rod, including miles and miles of trout water. For such a small area, there is a large variety of textbook bass terrain located in this state park. NOTE: Powered boats are prohibited in Blanco State Park. . This river is one of the most difficult fisheries to gain access to, considering that almost all of its banks are privately held. Wading is generally unadvisable due to unpredictable dam releases and strong currents (although more manageable wadeable conditions may exist in late fall and winter). Map of the Blanco and Guadalupe rivers, courtesy of the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority. Aug, 03, 2016 - Blanco River Details: 10 lb. Current fly fishing conditions are good! Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (830) 379-5822 9. Bring your kayak or canoe, and don't forget the floats and water shoes for tubing down the rapids. Whether you’re fly fishing or otherwise your chances of getting a bite here are good. This page ranks weight records caught by rod & reel, fly rod and bow fishing. White bass are bottom feeders, sustaining on a diet of bait fishes that include minnows and crayfish. Take a virtual tour with our Interactive Trails Map.Be safe in the water! The biggest factor influencing the flows are rainy or drought conditions. Its … Don’t waste time in the low-producing waters. It has an abundance of rivers, streams and creeks, as … Largemouth Bass with a grasshopper top water lure (green) Lots of strikes around fallen trees from the flood. A few miles west of there, we found a road, Candy Lane that took us right down to the river. Rio Blanco is a stream that is tributary of the San Juan River in southern Colorado, United States. The banks are lined with majestic Bald Cypress, Pecans, assorted Oaks and Sycamore trees. Concentrate in the deeper pools and runs in early winter; as spring approaches look for the whites to school up in the water as shallow as two feet. The fishing is great. If you like fishing or floating in the water, you might enjoy it more than we did. Fine fishing for medium bass and sunfish here but no chance for a downstream float due to dams. The Blanco River, located in Blanco State Park, is actually classified as a "community fishing lake." Fishing these seven tailwaters requires hard work and patience. The dams in downstream order from Lake Buchanan are Buchanan Dam, Inks Lake Dam, Wirtz Dam, Marx Starke Dam, Mansfield Dam, Tom Miller Dam, and Longhorn Dam. The Blanco River provides drinking water for the city of Blanco, as well as water supplies for nearby ranches. For a list of stockings and access points contact TPW (512-389-4800) or GRTU (800-834-2419). The abundance of aquatic insects often causes perch, bluegill, and smallmouth to feed on caddisflies, damsels, dragonflies, or even the huge #8 Hexagenia mayfly. But few outsiders know enough to take the opportunity to escape for the weekend, to head to the quaint towns of Gruene, Wimberly, or Lampasas. If you need fishing tackle, or are looking for a fishing guide or fishing charter please visit Tackle, Guides, Charters Content of this site copyright Texas Parks and Wildlife Department unless otherwise noted. Rio Blanco is a stream located just 10.4 miles from Pagosa Springs, in Archuleta County, in the state of Colorado, United States, near Trujillo, CO. Sign up for Free! These hatchery fish grow fast in this fertile river and anglers have realistic chances at 20-inch trout. This page ranks weight records caught by rod & reel, fly rod and bow fishing. and cookie statement. The river flows across heavy limestone flats and drop-offs. Recent clearing reveals scenic views of the river. The Blanco is a classic Hill Country river varying from a wide deep river to a mite of a trickle. 4 Star Fatty Day! In fact, with its abundance of resources, the Hill Country around Austin may be the fly-fishing mecca of the Southwest. GRTU has leased several private access points that are available to its members. Austin is the major hub for the Hill Country, famous for its hippies, authentic food, and the University of Texas. The Blanco River is lovely, as is this park which runs down both sides of the river in some places. There are restrooms near the pavilion and a playground for the kids. And it shall come to pass, that everything that lives, which moves, wherever the rivers shall go, shall live; and there shall be a very great multitude of fish, because these waters shall go there, for they shall be healed; and everything shall live where the river goes. Thoroughly cover the waters where you first pick up a bump, since the bass will be schooled up. To: 05/16/2016. on north bank of Guadalupe River directly below the bridge. During the winter and spring, the bass makes its runs out of the lake and up the Colorado River as it flows through Colorado Bend State Park near Bend, Texas. The Blanco River. Blanco Riverside Getaway is on the edge of the Blanco State Park and just a few blocks from the historic courthouse square. Already registered? When fishing from a pier or other man-made structure within a state park, there is a limit of two fishing poles per person. Anglers can tie into black bass, smallmouth bass, native Rio Grande perch, and native Guadalupe bass, plus a variety of other species. one of the best fly fishing spots in Texas." The river was beautiful, crystal clear. Austin, Texas, set in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, has historically been a mecca for singer/songwriters. Reserve the CCC-built picnic area or pavilion for your next group gathering. Lake Buchanan is known throughout Texas as a fabulous sand bass (also known as white bass) fishery. Be sure to bring water shoes for the kids. The mature trees give you lots of shady picnic spaces (tables included). All-Tackle rankings are displayed on a separate page. Much of the water has private land access so it is often difficult to figure out where to get in the water. The major drainage flowing through the Hill Country is the Colorado River. Applications for bow fishing records can no longer be accepted for these species. 5 of us put in near the Texas State Campground out by San Marcos TX, and paddled down to 5 Mile Dam, on a 2 day adventure. The river also supports a number of recreational areas, including the Blanco State Recreation Area in Blanco, the Boy Scouts camp El Rancho Cima near … Fishing is widely available throughout the entire river frontage where perch, catfish and bass can be caught. Once in the river, you are allowed to wade within the high-water mark as far as you like. Crossing the Blanco River was fun for the whole group (adults, young adults and one teen). Water Body Records for Blanco River. Email subscriber privacy policy If camping, kyaking and fishing are in your plans a short drive of ~20 miles west will take you to R n R Campgrounds 830-885-4035 at the confluence of two streams, Rebecca Creek and Shchultz Creek that flow to the Guadalupe River, which in turn feeds into Canyon Lake. Largemouth bass, channel catfish, sunfish and rainbow trout (stocked in winter) swim the river. Basic patterns should include Clousers, Deceivers, and Woolly Buggers ranging from size 6 to size 10. 2. Shallow water allows you to hang out and mingle. This is where the Blanco crosses 281 in Blanco, Tx. Rio Blanco Lake, Colorado fishing report, rainbow trout fly fishing forecast, fishing season updates, fly shop and fishing guides, and fly-fishing weather. Sixty miles north of Austin, the river flows into Lake Buchanan, one of seven power-generation and flood-control lakes and dams. | See temporary closures and business changes, Texas Farm and Ranch Land Conservation Program. The feisty hand-sized perch always seem eager to gulp in a fly (great for teaching someone new how to fly fish). The water is still on the dirty side, Navajo Resevoior is turning over, but that is not bothering the fish. Not all of the public access areas are well marked so if you are uncertain, ask permission.