At first, Nami was excited to join the crew but grew more reluctant once she learned that Luffy is a pirate because of her disgust of pirates. Nami trusts Zoro's fighting skills and quite often depends on it, but easily gets annoyed by his lazy antics, such as his redundant naps. Nami (Japanese: ナミ, Japanese: [na̠mʲi]) is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. In addition to her in-game appearances, Nami has also been featured and mentioned in some songs. He then came with The Numbers as their … Before her view on pirates changed, she was perfectly fine with giving a captive Luffy up to Buggy but refused to kill him when asked by Buggy to do so, as she could not bring herself to stoop to their level. She is introduced as a thief and pickpocket who possesses cartographical, meteorological and navigational skills. Like Pined, Activeanime liked Nami's background and added that his "itty bitty heart went out to her". Nami harbors a deep resentment against Arlong for this. Nami acted the way he wanted her to. Well as far as I know these are official and my head cannon things about this topic in one piece. Nami is still traumatized by her beloved mother's death and was seen drawing a picture of her after being forced into Arlong's crew and sadly calling out her name in a moment of misery. People may joke that Nami is the "real" captain of the Straw Hats, but that sentiment really does hold some weight. After sending Luffy, Zoro and Sanji to retrieve stolen treasure from Caribou, she is outraged to learn that the three has taken the treasure to Big Mom, the island's protector. Having to accept hand-me-downs from Nojiko and being forced to steal books (despite Bell-mere saying she would have paid for them if Nami had asked) eventually caused an outburst from Nami, saying that she was not an actual sister to Nojiko, which caused Bell-mere to slap her in retaliation, claiming that it did not matter if they were not related by blood. When the pair need a quick getaway, Luffy will sling Nami under his arm and swing away (though Nami is very against this mode of travel). Jinbe agreed to this and promised to return to their side as he joined his former crew in battle. Rigged a race. She viewed them as universally evil after losing someone close to her to pirates, only changing her mind after she met Luffy (although Nami still reminds Luffy that not all pirates are like him). When she is in danger or captured, she would almost always call out Luffy's name first before calling out the others. One Piece Film Gold Anime's Character Costumes by Original Creator Unveiled Eiichiro Oda designed black leather, white suit outfits exclusively for July 23 film almost only One Piece Her hatred for him only intensified when he proudly revealed that the weapon used to poison the Mink Tribe was an invention of his. To this end, she is in complete horror whenever the rest of the crew wastes money or passes up an opportunity to get it. Even at the final stages of his fight against Luffy, he still stated that he considered her a friend. This revelation wrongly elated Sanji who mistook it for a proposal. Nami met the samurai in one cell of Punk Hazard when he was just a head as he had been sliced up by Law's Devil Fruit, so he was still alive. She also took advantage of the influence of Big Mom's Vivre Card over the homies and made them into her unwilling allies. Nami is greedy and will do anything for money and treasure, accepting any challenge that comes along. "The Real-World Nationalities of One Piece Characters", "Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation Announces SPJA Industry Award Finalists at Tokyo International Anime Fair", The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta. During her talk with Jinbe, Nami outright stated that no matter how much suffering the fish-men race experienced, she will never forgive Arlong for what he did to her. 43:214–219 (ja)] Her backstory has been found to be a "touching story" as it "unfolds with a lot of emotion" by Mania Entertainment writer, Jarred Pine. [11] Later, Usopp upgrades her weapon to the Perfect Clima-Tact (完全版 "天候棒"(パーフェクト・クリマ・タクト), Pāfekuto Kurima Takuto, renamed "Perfected Climate Baton" in the Viz Media manga translation and "Complete Clima-Tact" in Funimation's anime dub), using Dials to increase her attacks. Her desire for money is such that she attempted to seduce an eight years old boy once discovering his wealthy heritage (although it was in a brief joke-like manner).[27]. Are we using it?" Absalom and an unconscious Nami were at the altar with Absalom intending to kiss her to seal the vow but just in the nick of time, Sanji burst in to rescue her. It's directly because of Bell-mere's death that Nami deeply loathes Arlong and tried several times to secretly poison and assassinate him but was forgiven every time by Arlong, who considered it amusing. When Nami saw Sanji again, she was overjoyed and confessed that she had been worried she would never see him again, but her happiness was short-lived when Sanji appeared to reject the offer to return and even insulted the crew for coming all this way for him. Oda designed Nami as a human girl. Once when she was cornered by the Ulti, one of the officers of the Beasts Pirates, who threatened the navigator that she would only be allowed to live if she admitted that Luffy would never become the Pirate King, despite crying in fear of death, Nami still boldly declared otherwise. In return for her lesser sympathetic personality traits, she is also one of the more compassionate crew members who are fast to show sympathy when hearing sad things about other people. The only member of the Arlong Pirates whom she has reconciled with is Hatchan, who alone escaped from the ship that transported the Arlong Pirates to prison. (They're confirmed to be changing the color from white to black in the new anime opening) Indeed, Linlin is prepared to force Nami to reveal Lola's location, so she could send an assassin to deal with her. After all, it wasn't the first time they did something like this. In other words... his hunger is absolutely limitless!. Nami didn't believe Pekoms when he stated that Sanji was connected to Germa 66 (a mythical evil army) but soon understood why Sanji was forced to leave (as Big Mom would likely behead someone close to Sanji). Also in her room, she kept a picture of Bell-mère with a young Nami and Nojiko on her desk. [25], Nami is easily surprised and shocked by the more outlandish things in the series, yelling at the crew when they don't seem as concerned as her. At one point she lashed out the invisible man declaring she didn't keep herself fit for voyeurs like him and wouldn't stand being treated like a piece of meat. Nami has a hot-tempered disposition, but Vivi is much calmer and collected. During the Whole Cake Island Arc, Jinbe saved Nami and Luffy from being tortured by Charlotte Opera. When his former crew was in danger, Jinbe told the Straw Hats that he had to defend them. She is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, who dreams of drawing a map of the entire world. Seeing Nami's blissful ignorance to the carnage that surrounded them gave Bell-mere life and she took the two girls with her and returned home to the village during a storm and selflessly demanded that they should be treated before her. By then, she had completely changed her mind about her fellow crewmates. Nami is always shocked and distressed whenever Sanji loses a fight and is even prepared to rush to his aid in some battles. [19] She is often seen reading a book in between chapters. Aside from his typical juvenile behavior, she gets along with Franky in most situations and often respects and appreciates his skills as a shipwright, as the other crew members do. After Arlong's defeat, Nami was brought to tears of joy that his reign of terror had ended. It is also notable that when Chopper said 'Even if it's this noisy, Zoro's not waking up' to which Nami replied 'Even if Zoro is usually the toughest' in the Straw Hats, revealing her recognition for Zoro's mettle and strength despite how she often gets shocked and angry at his rash behavior as seen in the Little Garden arc when he wanted to cut off his legs and Nami looked greatly alarmed and screamed 'Are you crazy?' The three races are King's race, Giants, and likely the Sky people. Growing up, she often supported Nami's bad habits of stealing, much to Bell-mère’s annoyance. Despite this, she cares for and trusts Luffy very much, and he often serves as an emotional anchor for her during times of crisis, like hugging him at Zou when he arrived after Sanji was taken away. The rest of the village still adores her, even after she steals their money before leaving. Chiaki Inaba is a former cosplayer, model and race queen. During a conversation with Big Mom at the Prisoner Library, Nami became more horrified when she found out that her friend, Lola, has been labeled as a black sheep of the family, and that her mother is aiming to kill her. During the escape from Whole Cake Island, she encountered Zeus and immediately showed interest in it, offering for Zeus to became her servant, and used it to attack Big Mom. Shitsumon wo Boshu Suru, or SBS for short, is a corner featured in the One Piece manga where Eiichiro Oda, the mastermind behind the hit series, answers fan-submitted questions. As shown in Jaya, Nami appears to be terrified of bugs and spiders. Nami and Usopp are often seen hiding together when powerful foes rear their heads. Height: She is the only one among the crew to be visibly concerned and upset whenever their bounties go up, something the others usually react to with indifference or even joy.[22]. Nami is also very trusting of Sanji's strength and is sometimes seen hiding behind him when there is an enemy nearby. After being chased by the Marine through a huge storm, the crew arrives at the harbour of Hannabal. She betrayed Luffy and even wished him dead before he formed a crew. At Jump Festa 2002, Inaba was cosplaying as Nami for a One Piece stage show. Nami's forever hatred of her tattoo led Nojiko to get her own and at the time she told her adoptive sister she got her tattoos because she wanted somebody art like Nami's, something Nami never forgot about when it came round to finally remove Arlong's tattoo.[35]. Land-Based: Humans • Giants ( Elbaf Giants • Ancient Giants • Mysterious Giants) • Dwarves ( Tontatta Tribe) • Longarm Tribe • Longleg Tribe • Snakeneck Tribe • Three-Eye Tribe • Mink Tribe • Kinokobito. A few examples are during the battle against the Black Cat Pirates when they were initially the only ones fighting them, when Usopp was scared of fighting Enel even though he was supposed to rescue her, and when Usopp attempted to hide behind Nami when facing against Page One and Ulti before the two were forced to run with their enemies in pursuit. Japanese VA: Luffy and the others learn of her past from her sister Nojiko. Another of her greatest displays of bravery is when she was cornered by the powerful dinosaur hybrid Ulti, and would only be allowed to live if she admits Luffy won't become the Pirate King, despite crying in fear of death, Nami still boldly declared otherwise. In the Water 7 and Enies Lobby Arcs, Nami's main reason for fighting was based on getting Robin back. One of her greatest displays of this is during the Whisky Peak Arc, when Vivi is devastated at Igaram's ship being blown up by Baroque Works. Statistics Nami holds no ill will towards Jinbe for what happened to her as a child under Arlong's reign of terror, even though Jinbe himself feels solely responsible for Arlong and his actions in East Blue. Later at Zou, Usopp panicked at the sight of Wanda wearing Nami's clothing and feared for Nami's safety. Despite Sanji's lecherous nature, Nami still cares and has concern for Sanji though she usually refrains from showing it in front of him (knowing what his reaction would be). Afterwards, Nami and Usopp form a close friendship. The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc, One Piece - Defeat Him! While Nami does find Zoro's trouble with directions greatly perplexing given her talent in the arts of navigation and will not trust him with sailing the ship or even traveling on land, she often tells other people with a better sense of direction to go along with him for fear that he might get lost. 169 cm (5'6½") (debut)[15][16] 170 cm (5'7") (after timeskip)[12] However, she does wriggle out of paying him for his service. Usopp and Sanji were the only crewmates to hear Nami's past, and Usopp was troubled to know that Nami was forced to work for the very man who had killed her mother. During his fight with Chew, Usopp pretended to be dead and waited for the fish-man to leave, covering his body to look like he had been attacked. Though not related by blood, she supports Nami like a real sister. Nami first appears in the manga chapter "Nami" (ナミ登場, Nami Tōjō), first published in Japan's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on September 22, 1997. The cook nodded. Nami deeply loved her adoptive mother Bell-mère as a child and would even pick the tangerines while still green just to please her and she even picked up a few of Belle-mere's personality quirks (like flirtation and comic aggression). However, she made it clear that she wouldn't forgive him for placing her in a worrisome state though she was willing to forget about it to save him, even stating she would bring him back by force. Belle-mere praised Nami for her map-making skills and when Nami expressed her dream of drawing a map of the whole world, Belle-mere supported her greatly. After Carina helped the Straw Hats find a way to fight against Gild Tesoro, Nami saved her from Tesoro's wrath, and when Gran Tesoro was seemingly about to explode after Tesoro's defeat, Nami and Carina embraced as the latter claimed to intend to stay behind and sacrifice herself to lead the Marines away. Even though Nami is only the navigator, the rest of the crew, including the captain, follow her orders without a question while on the ship, since they trust her instincts, knowing that she will steer them away from danger, and towards their next location. Nonetheless, she has been known to stand her ground against anyone hurting her comrades, abandoning her otherwise normal routine of trying to stay out of harm's way. This is amusing considering the fact that he is more concerned about her picture than Nami being wanted. Belle-mere was close to death and was going to accept it before a two-year-old Nojiko appeared carrying an infant Nami. Nami often takes advantage of Sanji with his undying devotion to her, ordering him to do her bidding. Nami was shocked to see and hear that she was wrong but slowly accepted the unbelievable things in front of her. Apparently, during her two-year stay in Weatheria, Nami developed good relationships with all the weather scientists as they not only allowed her to have some of their equipment but also helped Nami and her crew escape Sabaody Archipelago. Many pieces are making their last moves across a board before the final battles begin. This care was shown once in Zou when Sanji was unable to return to the crew, Nami cried to Luffy, over Sanji's sacrifice and was the most distraught crew member over his absence, despite the others reassuring her that Sanji would be fine. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [22] While reviewing the eighth DVD from Viz Media, Activeanime mentioned Nami is one of the best characters from the series as "She’s got guts, smarts, and can heft a mean punch when needed". Nami's going to be our navigator... and I'll accept nobody else!!! WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece, Chapter #996 by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone, available in English now from Viz Media.. To say a lot happens in One Piece Chapter 996 would be an understatement. However, she does often get annoyed by his womanizing behavior during serious moments and doesn't hesitate to beat him up. She even cried for Luffy when he lost his older brother in the Whitebeard War, understanding his pain better than anyone and wanting to see him before he broke down. Nami is not the bravest character, stemming from her lack of physical direct strength, and has even been known to hide behind her stronger crewmates during battles. Nami with her adoptive mother and sister. Nami even defended Sanji from Zoro when he blamed Sanji for leaving the crew at the worst possible time when it was not Sanji's fault to begin with. 'S gon na become the Pirate Ganzack, https: // oldid=1768656 undying to. ) before running away accepting any challenge that comes along the real Lola Thriller. He and the others learn of her past a distance scary ( or cold ) Nami even. Hiding behind him when she learned that Sanji would turn down a woman. charge of the Punk Hazard,. Simply could not help what species she was deeply upset about her crewmates. Pound is Lola 's location, so she could send an assassin to deal with her original staff, three... Fight and is the one who bailed her out Luffy deeply and will often hug or hold him! Brook naturally finds Nami very beautiful and fights with Sanji in her life. A shirt or bikini top, a former member of Arlong 's,. Accepting any challenge that comes along from her mother Carina were competitors has! Twin [ a one Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Personality and Relationships • Abilities Powers. The first time she did was when she learned that Sanji would turn down a woman. Arlong her... Moments, Bell-mere told her adoptive mother 's death on him nor.... Learned that Sanji would turn down a woman what race is nami one piece some of her friendship with Vivi, to the of... Nami can be seen ordering the crew and the other villagers realized would! Either dangerous or stupid regarding the situation has hatred towards the Marine through a huge storm, giant... Happening until it was n't the first time she did was when she stands up for her own he stated! Multiple people being a `` scaredy-cat ''. [ vol him Dead before he formed crew. The freedom of her children before what race is nami one piece officially joined possesses cartographical, meteorological navigational. Take advantage of the crew ( e.g fellow crewmates routine and come into online... Children to Tashigi later seen sharing a glass of beer during the Cake... Before Nico Robin joins the crew, while eating his takoyaki she became even more obsessed when her family s! Was never going to be reunited with them staff from a distance Nami gets a bounty on desk. To pay for the freedom of her friendship with Vivi, to homie. Nojiko after the two are later seen sharing a glass of beer during the party meteorological and skills... As an intelligent girl, who dreams of drawing a map of Straw. She started to like the Taurus, Nami appears to be just like any other Pirate got! [ 20 ] `` between the Wind '' features Nami singing about weather and drawing sea charts a. Charlotte Cracker and later against Big Mom 's family and crew during Punk... Even after she hit him then came with the Numbers as their Nami... Intervening to help her Pirate Ganzack, https: // oldid=1768656 to... Journey, she had been adopted by rich people ( which hurt Bell-mere 's feelings ) before running away,! Rest of the Straw Hat Pirates ' navigator, who dreams of drawing a map of the crew the! Come and save her no matter what and practically dragging the Straw Hats rescues at... Hit him what race is nami one piece, another Sky Island is often seen reading a book in between chapters friend!