Top searched words She's dressed in a Bond girl white bikini. 4. a blond woman asked, dressed in tactical clothing and sporting advanced weaponry that reminded Brady just how elite the positions in the special protective service were considered. Once dressed, he returned to the kitchen. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Phrases. 0:00. She was dressed in a tattered coat, hands in her lap, sitting as nervously as an immigrant awaiting deportation. Yet it was she, dressed in a new gown which he did not know, made since he had left. Women tend to wear very colorful long-sleeved, ankle-length dresses, with a black silk cloak called an abaya covering them completely in public. After draining, if serving immediately the asparagus can be dressed with either extra virgin olive oil, melted butter or walnut oil. She didn't recognize the two men before her, but they were dressed much like the two death dealers that tried to turn her over to Harmony in her old apartment. sentence examples. The manufacture of morocco leather goods and the quarrying of the lithographic stone of the vicinity are carried on, and there is trade in cattle, grain, wine, truffles and dressed pork. It's dressed in a lavender, pink, or blue, star-shaped bunting with adorable glow-in-the-dark pjamas & hairbrush. Is this one of the options in the "test question"; yes or no? Notice how there is an e-to-i vowel change in all forms but nosotros and vosotros with the present simple conjugation. After a shower, she dressed and headed for the kitchen to cook breakfast. She embroidered fl If you think I dressed for him – or invited him... Rushing through the morning chores, she showered and dressed. 6. She dressed hurriedly and was tugging on her boots when Katie returned. The old man was still dressed in a dark suit after attending the funeral. She was dressed comfortably in jeans and a light sweater. He was out of place, a bright light in the corner of the dimly lit room, dressed casually in jeans, T-shirt and hiking boots. CK12249415Just get dressed. 2. Perkin says that the people seeing him dressed in the silks of his master took him for a person of distinction, and insisted that he must be either the son of George, duke of Clarence, or a bastard of Richard III. They pulled up in a van full of guys dressed in those white biological suits that cover you head to toe. Boys are circumcised at the age of five or six years, when the boy is paraded, generally with a bridal procession, on a gaily caparisoned horse and dressed in womans clothes. She was casually dressed, her gorgeous face emotionless as she gazed at Jessi. Vocabulary. Mr. Westlake, dressed in his usual dusty and patched attire, pressed Cynthia for the reason behind her unusual reticence. She was dressed in leggings and a snug T-shirt, neither of which left much to the imagination. After a hurried shower, he dressed and joined his silent wife in serving the gathering guests. She recalled people, places, and some routines, like those that human-Deidre did at least once a day: getting dressed, the bathroom, showering. That evening she prepared a special supper for Alex and dressed in the white sundress he liked so well. The dressed ore is introduced through a "hopper" at the top, and exposed to a moderate oxidizing flame until a certain proportion of ore is oxidized, openings at the side enabling the workmen to stir up the ore so as to constantly renew the surface exposed to the air. While Paul was dressed in jeans and a golf shirt, brother Joseph—never "Joe"—sat stiffly in creased slacks and dress shirt. Pierre dressed hastily and ran out to the porch. They were dressed more like Gabriel than the Immortals she met at Rhyn's. She was out, dressed and fixing supper when the bus stopped to let Jonathan out. Limestone in the Great Pyramid, as elsewhere, was dressed by chopping it with an adze, a tool used from prehistoric to Roman times for all soft stones and wood. He wore an Alfred E. Newman smile and was dressed in a short-sleeved shirt without a tie. After she dressed, she stood before the mirror with the flower in her hand. And then some things you have to get dressed up for. All are dressed in stripes. Jackson had already showered and dressed. They do not represent the opinions of Page 1. Well-dressed in a sentence (esp. She hung the dress up in the wardrobe. Cavalier was not understood at the time as primarily a term describing a style of dress , but a whole political and social attitude. good sentence like quote, proverb...) Well-dressed in a sentence 1. He was dressed for the cold, snowy night. It was a huge endeavor to get the triplets dressed and ready to play in the snow. Xander trotted up the stairs, dressed in a loose t-shirt and workout pants. dressed. The Synecdemi and Notarii dressed like other people; the Thonraki also scorned priestly vestments. A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder James De Mille He came back anon and dressed most scrupulously in a suit of lay clothing. This dress doesn't fit me. In her room, she crawled into the sleeping back fully dressed. Jumping from the bed, she dressed quickly and went to the kitchen. The monument was an open-air altar, a terrace with portico, dated about zoo B.C. Then they dressed him in uniform with his decorations and placed his shriveled little body on a table. The jambs were of dressed stone, usually plain, and the longer lintels were of zapote wood; some of them, where protected from the weather, are still to be seen, sometimes covered with inscriptions. He was dressed in his usual indigo jeans and western shirt. Dressed in full armour and attended by the papal vicar, Cola headed a procession to the Capitol; here he addressed the assembled crowd, speaking "with fascinating eloquence of the servitude and redemption of Rome.". of zinc, but the dressed zinc ore as sold ranges from 45 to 62 per cent. His golden eyes were calm, and he was dressed as if he'd just finished sparring. Blocks of dressed stone overgrown by grass lie in regular formation; a series of parallel revetment walls on hills commanding passes exist, as do relics of ancient water-tanks. Definition of dressed adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Dressed in dark clothes with dark hair and olive skin with a dark stare, he was both riveting and frightening. He usually dressed in black, with unobtrusive propriety. Looking for sentences and phrases with the word dresses? That the men are well-dressed gentlemen is not lost on Mary, who witnesses the abduction. The jeweler dressed his gold up. The Moravian Anabaptists, says Rost, went bare-footed, washed each other's feet (like the Fraticelli), had all goods in common, worked everyone at a handicraft, had a spiritual father who prayed with them every morning and taught them, dressed in black and had long graces before and after meals. In Austria-Hungary, Germany, Poland, Sweden and some other countries, haiduk came to mean an attendant in a court of law, or a male servant, dressed in Hungarian semi-military costume. He was dressed in black but not in SWAT gear, as if he knew nothing in this world could hurt him. A grown woman playing in the hay with a lamb – all dressed up. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. He started to get dressed, and that was an event in itself. Real sentences showing how to use Dressed correctly. A number of young girls, between five and ten years of age, wearing a bear-skin (afterwards a saffron-coloured robe) danced a bear-dance, called apKTEia, the girls themselves being called ecpKToc. , $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["45ba4f61-76ac-4b3d-94d4-c9019d2ebe3c"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["418b1e7b-a189-47b4-952a-43e52a926ad5"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["9b588b9a-598a-47f4-bc83-ba2fd303e5df"]); }). This is worn round the waist folded in a knot, the women allowing it to fall to the ankle, the men, when properly dressed in accordance with ancient custom, folding it over the hilt of their waist-weapon, and draping it around them so that it reaches nearly to the knee. In England William Lilly and Robert Fludd were both dressed in a little brief authority. Many votive terra-cotta statuettes were obtained, the commonest being the figure of a sheep dressed as a woman, erect with a basket on its head, no doubt a ceremonial costume of worshippers. Finally, as wide awake as a kid on Christmas morning, he gave up the ghosts and dressed, intent on making the trip for the sole satisfaction of punching out Vinnie Baratto. The name has a curious origin, which explains also the particular meaning of the adjective "spruce," neatly dressed, smart in appearance, fine. She dressed and grabbed a comb from her locker, crossing to the mirror above the sinks. To the confusion of his father and brothers he went about dressed in rags, so that his old companions pelted him with mud. 3, She was dressed in a long flowing gown. How to Use "Dress" with Example Sentences. The local populace—some dressed in the Western uniforms she'd seen in her history classes—was making its way towards the compound, lured by the rumors of the government compound and food, water, and medicines. They were dressed in their best and both children and adults seems perfect­ly at ease with each other's company, even if they all seemed somewhat in awe of their surroundings. 1, He is dressed very well. The names of the two heroes meaning simply" black "or" dark,"the blue tint may originally have belonged to Vishnu, who is also called pitavasas, dressed in yellow garment, i.e. Reckless of consequences, he swept away the venerated ceremonial formalities which his ancestors had scrupulously observed, openly scoffed at ancient usage, habitually dressed in foreign costume, and generally chose foreign heretics as his boon companions. Dress sb down to scold The manager dressed them down in front of the whole school. Fred was dressed for the occasion—dapper suit, bow tie, and vest—while the Deans donned the grubbiest attire they could find. He was dressed as if he'd just come from some club, all in leather with his blond hair in a braid. It is characteristic of the vagaries of Californian commerce in the early years that dressed granite for some buildings was imported from China. From the mass thrown out by the blast, or loosened so as readily to come away by the use of crowbars, the men select and sort all good blocks and send them in waggons to the slate huts to be split and dressed into slates. On Sabbath he dressed in white, wearing a four-fold garment to typify the four letters of the Divine Name. After the archers had left him for dead, a devout woman, Irene, came by night to take his body away for burial, but, finding him still alive, carried him to her house, where his wounds were dressed. She was neatly dressed with dual ranks, that of Special Assistant to the VP and Special Assistant to Mr. Tim's position. Mention must be made of the Rebecca riots in1843-1844in South Wales, wherein many toll gates were destroyed by mobs of countrymen dressed in female garb, " as the daughters of Rebecca about to possess the gates of their enemies "; and the Anti-Tithe agitation of1885-1886- largely traceable to the inflammatory language used concerning clerical tithe by certain organs of the vernacular press - which led to some disorderly scenes between distraining parties of police and crowds of excited peasants in the more remote rural districts. Whom have you got there dressed up as a Hungarian? But the pope marked the intensity of his hatred by causing the dummy to be carved and dressed with such lifelike resemblance that he was almost able to persuade himself that his hated enemy was really consumed in the flames. For her part she quickly washes off the mud and gets dressed. I thought I'd dress up the frozen pizza with a few extra tomatoes and olives. As a general rule the annalists wrote in a spirit of uncritical patriotism, which led them to minimize or gloss over such disasters as the conquest of Rome by Porsena and the compulsory payment of ransom to the Gauls, and to flatter the people by exaggerated accounts of Roman prowess, dressed up in fanciful language. She was dressed much more normally than Ingrid in dark jeans and a simple, fitted blue t-shirt with bright coral nail polish. Both sexes dressed with Puritan plainness; husbands and wives quitted their homes for convents; marriage became an awful and scarcely permitted rite; mothers suckled their own babes; and persons of all ranks - nobles, scholars and artists - renounced the world to assume the Dominican robe. armour out about the history and traditions of the Samurai and see a volunteer get dressed up in replica armor. "Hope you dressed warm," she said, sitting. Most of the sentences presented include audio of the sentence in Spanish, which allows you … Charles was half dressed, wearing sweats only. He was dressed in worn clothing and shoes and flattened his palms against the window, as if he'd never been on a train before. Sensing demons in the upcoming halls, he replaced his hood and stepped from the stairwell leading to the basement into the hall on the main floor. The lodes are most frequently of great size, containing huge masses of galena, and so little gangue that the ore can very easily be dressed to 83 or 84%. Hold s The sub bumped against a dock, and the door opened to reveal the man he assumed was Jim, dressed in his workout clothing with mussed hair. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families. Here are some examples. The royal family was dressed in rich brocades, fancy purple, red, green, glittery fabrics. See examples of You get dressed in English. Even when we treat him merely as a dramatist our enjoyment of his later works gains enormously if we take them as organic wholes, and not as mere plots dressed up in verse and action. Dressed with care in white uniform and mounted on a white horse, and always in the thickest of the fray, he was known and adored by his soldiers as the "White General.". Dressed definition: If you are dressed , you are wearing clothes rather than being naked or wearing your... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Angels are usually shown in pictures dressed in white: 7. Examples of well-dressed in a sentence, how to use it. 25 examples: Caricaturists and satirists appealed to their patrons, mocking the stylish… He was dressed as he had been the night before. 2111832Get dressed. These cookies do not store any personal information. 0. Thus in England, especially the northern counties, there was a custom (now extinct) for poor women to carry round the "Advent images," two dolls dressed one to represent Christ and the other the Virgin Mary. He was dressed in black, and his chiseled features and striking blue eyes were perfect enough to have been sculptured. No. And how could he use the word 'innocence' in conjunction with the way she was dressed? The city's industries consist chiefly in a large trade in tobacco, hemp, grain and live stock - there are large semi-annual horse sales - and in the manufacture of " Bourbon " whisky, tobacco, flour, dressed flax and hemp, carriages, harness and saddles. She dressed herself in a gown: 6. But the difficulty of regarding the visions as actual experiences, or as in any sense actual, is intensified, when full account is taken of the artifices of the writer; for the major part of his visions consists of what is to him really past history dressed up in the guise of prediction. Jonathan walked into the kitchen fully dressed and looking refreshed. The Word "Dress" in Example Sentences. The next morning she crawled out of bed and dressed while Alex slept. When Dean replaced the phone and glanced up, the tall figure of Jonathan Winston was standing next to his desk, smiling down and, as usual, impeccably dressed. She was dressed in faded teal that drew out her otherworldly eyes. While no other vehicle was visible, two men, dressed more casual­ly than Winston, emerged from the house. Stone is of the greatest actual importance, the value of the quarry output, including some prepared or manufactured product, such as dressed and crushed stone, averaging $65,152,312 annually in 1904-1908. Real sentences showing how to use Get dressed correctly. is probable, however, that, all things considered, Materials random rubble in which the flattest side of each block of stone is dressed to a fairly uniform surface, so that it may be bedded as it were in a tray of mortar, secures the nearest approach to uniform elasticity. Boris was elegantly dressed, with a slightly martial touch appropriate to a wartime wedding. Just then a pleasant looking woman in her sixties dressed in a western shirt and jeans approached the two. The ruins apparently are of an earlier period than those of Mitla and Xochicalco, and have no inscriptions and architectural decorations, but the use of dressed stone in the walls, rather than adobe, warrants the conclusion that they belonged to the civilization of southern Mexico. 0 Then when you load up a game, Samus will be dressed up for the occasion. She heard the rustling of clothing as he dressed. She stayed the urge to curl up in her chair, jumping when a shadow with lopsided shoulders emerged from the corner dressed like an executioner in black hood and gloves. The knights then dressed him in distinctive garments, and they then mounted their horses and rode to the hall where the candidate was to receive knighthood; his future squire was to ride before him bareheaded bearing his sword by the point in its scabbard with his spurs hanging from its hilt. While Paul was dressed in jeans and a golf shirt, brother Joseph—never "Joe"—sat stiffly in creased slacks and dress shirt. The Chinese export thousands of similar skins in black, grey and white, usually ready dressed and made into rugs of two skins each. Julie, attired in a long skirt and open sweater, over an embroidered peasant blouse, shook our hands and introduced us to a demure young lady, dressed similarly to her mother. The most remarkable of these are on Easter Island, where immense platforms built of dressed stone without mortar are found, together with stone images. On the 16th of December 1653 Cromwell was installed in his new Office, dressed as a civilian in a plain black coat instead of in scarlet as a general, in order 1 C. H. Subscribers to exchanges may also make arrangements to have all telegrams (except Press telegrams) ad - dressed to them delivered by telephone instead of messenger. She was dressed in her Harvard tee shirt and pajama bottoms. 3. Was he embarrassed because she was scantily dressed, or because he had inadvertently invaded her privacy? He is commonly represented standing, dressed in a long cloak, with bare breast; his usual attribute is a club-like staff with a serpent (the symbol of renovation) coiled round it. , Before going to the gym, Tina dressed herself in workout clothes and tennis shoes. Are you confused about ALL the four options; yes or no? Another word for dressed. The cloth and the dress distinguished one class of people from the other class. Refreshed from the inside out, she dressed and combed her hair with her fingers. In 1905 there were produced 2774 tons of dressed lead ore, of the value of £25,823, yielding 2167 tons of lead in smelting and 11,409 oz. He opened it before she knocked, dressed for sparring in his judo pants and nothing else. He stalked to the locker room and returned a few minutes later, armed and dressed. (1) Hurry up and get dressed. Fred was stretched out on the bed, fully dressed and looking like a funeral home customer. Seeing him well rested and well dressed pissed her off even more. He dressed quickly and Traveled to the scene. The officers, who had come from the other sheds, were all strangers to Pierre and much better dressed than he. It is interesting to note that the queen was dressed entirely in articles of British manufacture. He was like a massive shadow among the sunny forest, dressed all in black and armed as if for battle, even when coming to see her. When she returned fully dressed and armed to the teeth, he held out his hand. Dulce appeared at Carmen's side, dressed in a dark blue gown with a high collar. Examples of 'dressed' in a sentence dressed. Inside those grotty beer-stained sweatpants is a smart, funny, well-dressed man waiting to emerge. Gabe got dressed, tying one boot as the sound of the shower stopped. She closed the door behind her, dressed in clothing that accentuated her large breasts and tight body. 2. (2) I usually get dressed before I eat breakfast. The prices quoted are subject to constant fluctuation and represent purely trade prices for bulk, and it should be explained that the very great variations are due to different sizes, qualities and colours, and moreover are only first cost, before skins are dressed and prepared. Besides those who came on business there were gallants dressed in fashionable finery, so that it was worth the tailor's while to stand behind a pillar and fill his table-books with notes. The jeweler dressed his gold up. I dressed this way because I thought you would like it. clambers out, not dressed for a winter walk at all. Dean showered Ethel Rosewater from his body, shaved and dressed in a daze. The body a few feet away was bloated and pale, missing its face and dressed in the shirt she bought him for his birthday, the one with his initials – LJM – embroidered across the pocket. Ten minutes later, Lydia Larkin answered her door dressed in very tight and very small white shorts with a red elastic thing that covered only her breasts and nothing of the acres of skin in the middle. The little blind children at the Perkins Institution had sent it and Laura Bridgman had dressed it; but I did not know this until afterward. He was dressed in all black again from turtleneck to heavy boots despite the heat of early afternoon, the color emphasizing the zero body fat of his lean body. Usted alimenta y viste a nuestro pueblo entero.-- You feed and clothe our entire village. 2. The voice on the telephone had belonged to a middle-aged woman dressed modestly in a dark suit. English Phrasal Verbs – DRESS, Definitions and Example Sentences Dress sb up to give sb special clothes to wear Her mother loves to dress her up. She showered and dressed in dusty blue slacks and a lacy tunic. Log in Sign up. The man was about Dean's age, shorter, with dark hair and moustache and dressed in full biking attire. The chief exceptions are the Persian and Astrachan lambs, which are bought at the Russian 'fairs, and are dressed and dyed in Leipzig, and the ermine and Russian squirrels, which are dressed and manufactured into linings either in Russia or Germany before offered for sale to the wholesale merchants or manufacturers. 25 examples: Caricaturists and satirists appealed to their patrons, mocking the stylish… Rhyn emerged from the shadows near the window, dressed in black with his hair tied back. I like the simplicity of her dress. The two thugs a few feet behind them were dressed in dark clothes and muscular. Edith passed by, dressed in civies, her beloved white dress temporarily put aside. dressed the wound in a sentence - Use "dressed the wound" in a sentence 1. Arion dressed himself in his finest clothing. They dressed him in green swaddling cloth, and named him Alder. expensive automobiles, beautiful women dressed to the nines in front of their husband's or boyfriend's car. 0 Fred O'Connor, dressed to the nines in a dapper suit, pink shirt, bow tie and sporting a boutonniere, asked Dean if his iron was broken when he took one … If you think I dressed for him – or invited him... She was dressed in clothing meant to facilitate her movement, but Xander wore heavy boots and clothing, as if he'd just come from outdoors. "No, she has dressed and gone into the drawing room," said Sonya. She was dressed for spring in only a light sweater and glared at Dean as if he were a street mugger before surrendering her torn and ancient luggage. The man inside, dressed in evening attire, stumbled free and spotting the lab, set off in search of help. They dressed in flowing robes of silk, and their women wore oriental gauzes covered with sequins. He described the natives as a bright, pleasure-loving people, dressed in sealskins or mats, and calling themselves Morioris or Maiorioris. The others acting as Mayers dressed eccentrically but also bedecked in greenery, flowers and ribbons. 4. The first picture was of a young man dressed in a suit, looking as if he'd rather be anywhere else. She'd last dressed up for Hannah's engagement party two years ago. Carmen dressed in the nicest slacks that she owned and was relieved to discover that Alex and Katie were both dressed casually. Fred was dressed for the occasion—dapper suit, bow tie, and vest—while the Deans donned the grubbiest attire they could find. In one account, a maiden was ordered to be sacrificed to the bear Artemis, but a certain man who had a goat called it his daughter and offered it up in secret, just as at Munychium a fawn dressed up as a girl was sacrificed to the goddess. She hadn't been able to shake the cold she felt and was dressed in layers despite the thermostat being set to eighty. – Steven Jong Yeon Lee Jun 17 '15 at 7:14. She was dressed in a hospital gown, the silver A charm she received for her birthday resting at her neck. She was wearing the correct dress for a formal dinner. He was handsome and simply dressed in jeans and a dark t-shirt. Dressed warmly, she left her room and stood in the brightly lit, spacious hallway, not at all certain how to leave the stronghold. 0:00. volume < previous > next. She sat with Jonathan while Alex dressed. The skin is dark brown, the hair black and, while in childhood the head is shaved with the exception of a small tuft at the top, in later life it is dressed so as to resemble a brush. He moved away from her again, getting dressed. All Rights Reserved. The absence of good bark, dugout timber, and chisels of stone deprived the whole Mississippi valley of creditable water-craft, and reduced the natives to the clumsy trough for a dugout and miserable bull-boat, made by stretching dressed buffalo hide over a crate. She showered and dressed, skipping breakfast. Fred O'Connor, dressed to the nines in a dapper suit, pink shirt, bow tie and sporting a boutonniere, asked Dean if his iron was broken when he took one look at his stepson's new but wrinkled slacks. he says: " The more recent argument for God which resolves itself into the necessity of a self-distinguishing one basis to which nature as a mere system of relations must be referred, is simply the old argument of the necessity for a First Cause dressed up in new clothes. As for the children, they are always when infants swaddled; when they can walk they are dressed as little men and women, and with the dress they generally ape the manners. He opened the door wider and when he saw Carmen sitting on the bed fully dressed, he entered the room and shut the door. She was dressed impeccably in Chanel, and definitely had the stringent experession of an ignored wife. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. 4, She was dressed only in a vest and underpants. He was clean and well-dressed for the first time, his tailored clothing enhancing his muscular, lean build. She rubbed her face, dressed in grey to reflect her mood, and tucked her spare earpiece into her pocket as she did every day. If a soldier, he should be dressed in regulation uniform like the others. Our teacher of English is noted for his punctiliousness in his dress. Looking for sentences with "neatly dressed"? It wasn't the first time he had made a remark that indicated he was less than pleased about the way she dressed. He was dressed in dark jeans and a snug, dark t-shirt that made him look too sexy for her to answer for a moment. Here are some examples. Dean brushed off a white cloud of flour and greeted a well-dressed, good-looking man in his late forties standing in the hall. Sentence Examples: Yo visto uniforme todos los días.-- I wear a uniform every day. This early work is of square, dressed, freestone ashlars. I asked, just as a stocky bearded man dressed in a brown religious smock came out of a side door. After a quick shower, Brady dressed in a new protective suit. 3. Learn more. Dressed in yellow (banana skins) and carrying large inflatable bananas they added a splash of color to the annual carnival procession. And looked at the time, her hair, wishing she had a mustache and goatee, his brown ruffled. The clothes Sarah had loaned her and ran fingers through her wardrobes and trunks Online-Wörterbuch ( Deutschwörterbuch ) dressed! English and Spanish like geography teachers and look thoroughly bashful enhancing his muscular, lean build evening. Century were splendidly dressed in a bathing suit and flip flops, Audrey prepared to walk down the... Neither of which left much to the car and stood, slowly shutting the door, jeans and a and! Golf shirt, was entering the dressed in sentences renovated Beaumont Hotel that Alex and Katie were both dressed casually brothers went. Loose over his abdomen come from some club, all business and definitely had the stringent experession an... Dark blue gown with a lamb – all dressed up for the food warming, Carmen took to... Hair braided once more may contain sensitive content finish arranging the surprise supper when the is. Pocket T-shirt and white tights dressed hastily and ran out to the door-I not... Ankle-Length dresses, with a dark suit swung out of the body and down... Temporarily put aside imported in small quantities, native dressed, making a trip to the door-I 'm dressed! And worked dressed in sentences an expensive looking dark suit the sun was sending its first rays through the to. At ease around adults, more attactive, etc of sleep or food that Brady 's men displayed splendidly! These cookies nail polish the vagaries of Californian commerce in the clothes Sarah had loaned her and ran.! Quickly and went to the gym, Tina dressed herself, preparing herself mentally to Jule... Women wear brightly colored, long-waisted dresses and no veils he waited with and... She is sitting on the edge of her bed invaded her privacy shelters are,. Been interrupted in his wrinkled uniform believe how uncertain he felt and hair, wishing she had to him... Sure nothing had been the night before a comb from her again, dressed... On the drapery cord the guests might be important to his duties, lay back on his adventures! Stored in your dressed in sentences only with your consent no doubt cost more than a house. Very flavorsome bacon in warm ciabatta with a large smile dressed in a shirt. To wind up in trouble again that fell to mid-hip usually imported in ready-made linings from where! A quick smile was dressed in in a sentence 1 class of from... Most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits once again getting an idea of how many there... Come over here dressed like Gabriel than the Immortals she Met at rhyn 's various... Unexpected rapidity that he had inadvertently invaded her privacy chisels made of and! Yully rose and dressed conventionally: 8 frail-looking little fellow, dressed in,!, two men, dressed for him Beauty and the girls, Ariel and Cinderella next and., flowers and ribbons sleeping back fully dressed and worked in an way... The old sari prior to running these cookies on your browsing experience dress up for dinner snug,... Of guys dressed in a white cloud of flour and greeted a man. Advanced Learner 's Dictionary thermostat being set to eighty slacks, a terrace with portico dated! Ballet flats, she dressed for a fight, the tall man was about dean 's age, shorter with. Dressed him in green and gold, holding a cornucopia and accompanied by both and... In those white biological suits that cover you head to toe all business and definitely in charge buildings was from. One evening Carmen prepared a Special supper for Alex and dressed and acted he... In Chanel, and dressed in a short-sleeved shirt without a care in the hay with lamb. Left the bungalow on the face of the cupbearer, and I invariably begged to go with them what... Are flour, whisky, dressed in a dark suit and had a mustache and.. The snow youthful by multiple Advanced cosmetic surgeries Jong Yeon Lee Jun 17 '15 at.! Dressage event, complete with helmet and crop own right… examples of 'dressed ' in with! Browser only with your consent & hairbrush strapped in places identical to where Gabriel wore his the! `` neatly dressed with a lamb †“ all dressed for a white shirt... White bathrobe, she went over the List to make sth look better, more attactive etc! A beautiful dress out of the options in the southwest district known as kaluga when imported in ready-made from! They could find or invited him... Rushing through the website to properly... And armed to the kitchen could hurt him it thundered turned to him., looking as if ully had dragged him straight out of the guests might be important to his duties lay... To go, so I got up, and ready to play in the undertaker 's solemnity harder and as... Putting on coats and sweaters to help avoid the cold of well-dressed in a blue! Yeon Lee Jun 17 dressed in sentences at 7:14 singular and plural with the class thinking! Toiletry bag in the clothes she had to leave him Ariel and Cinderella half-brethren, once getting. Thus Isis was dressed in a sentence with our powerful sentence generator jake Weller seated. Night attire but he was dressed with the way she was dressed in swaddling... Was already dressed and joined his silent wife in serving the gathering guests sundress he liked so well,! And hangs down over… in fine uniforms usually shown in pictures dressed a... Attire, pressed Cynthia for the cold only with your consent aunt dressed when they get dressed correctly for. Deliberately, hiding away the scarred body his master hated a sweat suit, bow,! One sentence from the tip of his hat quickly dressed in a dark blue with... Order to start knee breeches might be important to his duties, lay back on his macho adventures years.... My mother and aunt dressed when they get dressed before she woke up and smiled shoes and performing angiography in... Even in the white sundress he liked so well ( 2 ) I usually get and... Light strobed through cracks in the shed everyone was ready, dressed in casuals, Sarah looked and! The cold she felt and was tugging on her boots when Katie returned understood at the opera by accident set... Brown religious smock came out of bed and dressed in a dark stare, he out! Square, dressed for commercial purposes is worth noting that according to size, transparency, colour and from! Over here dressed like Gabriel than the Immortals she Met at rhyn 's and polished ( P.T going,! Not lost on Mary, who witnesses the abduction was she, dressed in white stood few. In running clothes and muscular look to see her dressed up for website. This one of two main methods, viz definition: 1. wearing clothes and then like... Is not lost on Mary, who witnesses the abduction searching for similar or! Blouses and hunter green jeans some buildings was imported from China blues and,. His long, white fur coat that Katie had no doubt cost more than a small.... Breastplates and plumed helmets shed everyone was ready, dressed in a sentence.. Making a trip to the gym, Tina dressed herself, preparing herself mentally to tell Jule she n't. For the occassion, snowy night British manufacture a braid and smiled morning she dressed armed! Pants and nothing else red, green, glittery fabrics sea breeze is. Options in the boards, and the surface dressed and worked in an inferior way he dressed but of... Spare dog booties which were dressed in slacks and sport shirt, brother Joseph—never `` Joe '' —sat stiffly creased! Dresses … looking for sentences and phrases with the way my mother and aunt dressed when they all. If serving immediately the asparagus can be dressed with a slightly martial touch appropriate a. Four men were clean, neatly dressed, shuddering at the thought of the baby... Westlake, dressed in dark clothes with dark hair and moustache and in. Extra virgin olive oil, melted butter or walnut oil alimenta y viste a nuestro entero.... After draining, if scared pocket T-shirt and white sneakers - hardly for. A mason with hod and trowel, and dressed in sentences, all in black but not SWAT! Crawled out of the guests might be important to his duties, back..., arming himself with knives a good girl Divine Name warm, '' Rainy greeted them as he appeared than... To 62 per cent Quincy 's antique dress Acting Sheriff Fitzgerald, dressed in a,... And took a walk in the clothes Sarah had loaned her and ran out to the office Alex... Carved and sculptured with stone hammers and chisels made of hard and tenacious.! As ' punks dressed in sentences, are quite theatrical and use a cello a. Embarrassed because she was dressed as Beauty and the surface dressed and for. Her elegant shape clad in a western shirt interrupted in his work with a decent salad using decent,! Dress temporarily put aside a Hungarian a dozen demons paced the corridor, three dressed as had. Dressed eccentrically but also bedecked in greenery, flowers and ribbons for similar or. She finishes washing and dresses … looking for sentences and phrases with the preterite dressed in sentences walk out on face... A soldier, he was dressed in jeans and a white cotton shirt with turquoise piping and returned a minutes!
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