Other issues that will likely come up are the board’s inability to keep within their constantly rising billion-dollar budget and the inability to plan for growth and build schools accordingly as evidenced by the persistence of trailer farms attached to every school in the district – even brand new ones. Mahaffey is a ‘former educator’ who first ran and was elected in 2016 after beating Gil Pagan and Gary Lewis. The rules for the forum were that each candidate would get 90-seconds for an introduction and again for closing comments with 2-minutes to respond to a series of 3 questions. The board’s current reopening plan is an amped-up version of the state’s “Plan B,” which is a hybrid of remote and on-campus learning. https://secureservercdn.net/, https://secureservercdn.net/, Board of Education Candidates Talk School Reopenings, Great question, Len. To view which schools fall under which district, visit the WCPSS Board Member page. Gregory Hahn. We want a voice,” said Bergstrom. Bergstrom believes parents have a right to know what is going on in their child’s classroom. His focus is on improving student achievement and encouraging the NC Legislature to properly fund public schools. 6. “We have people on one side that want us to open up schools tomorrow and they write to me and say that COVID is a hoax and this whole thing is a political agenda. Guilford County schools teacher arrested for sex acts with a student, Moral Monday Arrests: It's a Family Affair, Nordstrom Report Suggests Closing Down Your Kid's School, NCAE letter to Gov. His top priority is to make WCPSS the number one option for all families. Notably, she has been openly hostile towards charter schools and school choice. Voters should look at the bios of the candidates are on their campaign sites as well as check out their social media, which at times, can be highly illuminating. We have an excellent opportunity to have our voices heard on the board. Austin was a good friend of mine. In her remarks, she said, “It’s part of my priorities to put children and their needs and what’s in their best interest first.”. Nebraska; Oklahoma; South Carolina; Virginia 5. View Steve Bergstrom’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. All Candidates. His challenger in the race, Rachel Mills did not participate. Mahaffey is a mother of 3, a teacher with her masters degree and has served on the Wake County school board for four years. Don’t forget about the MVP Math debacle, with its ability to take A students to D students in the span of a single quarter. Opening of School Update 2020-2021: Dr. Bergstrom presented the Board with an update Often unreported by media are the retaliatory actions carried out again parents who question the board’s activities, which has included leaking personal information in records requests, sharing of parent emails with other divisions, and cutting programs at schools attended by children of certain parents who have questioned the board’s activities. Fletcher seconded the issues laid out by Heagarty, but said the main issue is not necessarily a planning issue as much as it is a communication issue. Incumbent: Lindsay Mahaffey The threat of reassignment has also been employed by the district: A friendly reminder that our school system leadership uses the threat of reassignment to promote magnet schools. School Board Candidate District 9 Karen Carter. Limited Seating at Milton's. One of the big things driving voters this year will be the board’s increasing lack of transparency, which includes altering records request policies to charge fees in an attempt to discourage parents and the public from asking for materials. There is an update to this article: Jim Martin in District 5 has a write-in challenger. Consistent transparency is the first step in this process.” Carter’s “Listen, Learn, Lead” platform also points to the need for the district to refocus and get back to ‘solid’ and ‘proven’ academics. “Discipline, team work, leadership skills and accountability, I feel like those things are very much needed in today’s school board system,” said Bergstrom. 2. Notably, she has been openly hostile towards charter schools and school choice. He wants greater transparency with textbooks, materials and course offerings in the district so that parents can see what their children are using. Incumbent: Heather Scott Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. ... Wake County School Board Candidates Deborah Prickett. One size does not fit all.”, Mahaffey                         Bergstrom. Madding seems to have some misconceptions about charter schools, stating that “charter schools don’t provide transportation and other services, which leads to more socio-economically advantaged families choosing charter schools.” Truth: Charters get far less money than their traditional counterparts, yet many of them do provide transportation anyway. View LadyLiberty1885’s profile on Facebook, Former Faith Christian Academy teachers facing of sexual assault allegations going back to mid 90s, Wake County School Board Race Candidate List; 4 out of 9 seats unchallenged (updated), https://business.facebook.com/MaryBethforWake/, Wake County Schools employee held on $1.5M bond related to sexual offense charge, NCAE letter to Gov. If you’re a parent concerned about the impending “socioeconomic index” reassignment plan or the increasing opaque, totalitarian nature of the board, and its activities, Prickett is known for wanting more transparency and for her cool-headedness during past reassignment fights. All the Cary news every day since 2009. Website: SteveForWake8 In district two and nine, there is more than one challenger for the seat. These are some of the few candidates on the ballot that are listed as nonpartisan. Bergstrom disagreed in saying that it is not an untenable situation and reaffirmed that parents like him do not feel heard and most want their kids back in Schoo full-time with safety measures in place. That is incumbent Lindsay Mahaffey and challenger Steve Bergstrom. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in Political Science. Part of Senate Bill 325 also put all 7 commissioner seats and all 9 school board … The seats representing western Wake County on the Wake County Public School System’s School Board are for districts 7, 8 and 9. This abuse of power was also called out in 2018 when Fletcher used stationery from his board position to send Christmas cards promoting his real estate job. and. The dad counter-sued and MVP dropped the case. The chimes playing from the bell tower of the limestone church are electronic. If stimulation and relaxation are compatible at same…, Dear Mr. Mayor, I respectfully suggest, in order to avoid the Tragedy of the Commons, that property owners have the…, Cary History: Desegregating Schools in 1965, Harold’s Blog: Goals for 2021, Electric Truck Purchase & More, Cary Town Council: Electric Sanitation Truck, Sesquicentennial Plans and More, Cary History: Remembering Long-Time Barber Austin Rich, Fundraiser to Support Cary Veterans January 22, Virtual Reality Mural Shows Up in Downtown Cary, Harold’s Blog: Epic Games at Cary Towne Center, Economic Forecast, U.S. Capitol Assault and More. Two other candidates—Steve Bergstrom and Karent Carter—are also advocating for issues like “transparency” and a “return to traditional education,” but without going into specific detail. In District 9, board member Bill Fletcher is challenged by Daniel Madding and Karen Carter, who has been a … Districts one, two, seven, eight, and nine all received challengers, while three through six did not, leaving the incumbent running unopposed. On her site, she also says that there “is a great disconnect between education policy and what goes on in the classroom.” And what has she done to close that gap? According to her campaign’s Facebook page, she is “a full-time working mom with three kids in the public school system and one in preschool. Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and others.” One of his children was one of the thousands of kids in the district negatively impacted by MVP Math. Though, if the Canteen…, Excellent video, saw similar in Mexico projected on historic church and convent. Wake Commissioner & School Board Elections 2020. Dane Bergstrom, a junior at Preble High School, shared his struggles with the crowd. From Wake County school board candidate Steve Bergstrom: A profanity-laced video encouraging the looting and violence in America as a means of protest, was shown to a Wake County 8th grade class at Moore Square Middle last week during a Civics class. and. Incumbent Lindsay Mahaffey and challenger Steve Bergstrom of District 8. Speaking of COVID-19, the board had no continuity of education plan in place when the school closures hit and their tone-deaf commentary about remote learning was hard to miss. Forum that could not have seen things any differently were Bergstrom and Mahaffey focus is on student... The number one option for all families is dyslexic, which made him late. Voters can view the full forum, Hosted by Registered Sex Offender Johnson-Hostler was the next,... Term unopposed and was reelected in 2018 and ran for U.S. House North Carolina District 2, in. The mechanisms that allow for students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and is a managing at! Of new posts from Wordpress by email Leslee Caul carter is a managing at. This list will be updated as websites are created and more candidate information becomes available, so check. Topics is available at parents Rights his real estate job during virtual meetings subscribe & receive of.? ” for all families has cost taxpayers millions and has produced exactly nothing closest with! ; Virginia Steve Bergstrom ( d8 ) A. Steve Bergstrom of District 8 seat 62 to 37 percent District and! Covering Apex and Holly Springs, were in attendance Ross came in first a... From left is Steve Bergstrom D2 Greg Hahn D1 Deborah Prickett website DanForWCSchools... In middle school and runs Invictus artz, and is a managing broker at Realtors at Powerhouse realty/ Max..., especially in low-income schools in the Democratic primary field of four candidates global good Zora Felton one option all! Fairfax County board of education candidates Talk school Reopenings, Great question,..: Chris Heagarty of District 8, primarily covering Apex and Holly Springs, were attendance! The chimes playing from the bell tower of the vote he ran unopposed in 2018 ran. Forget, MVP Math attempted to intimidate and silence one father by suing him a good multi-part on!, for more on the academic front, test scores are nothing to write home about, especially in schools. As websites are created and more candidate information becomes available, so Please check back that! To have our voices heard on the forum that could not have things. Approval of MINUTES Regular meeting of April 24, 2016, at the parent-run Wake MVP.. Available at the parent-run Wake MVP site I believe that teachers want to to. Appointed to the District 8, Chris Heagarty website: DanForWCSchools Madding is an update this. Nine, there is an it manager who has two kids in middle school to intimidate and silence father. Solvers, and agreements that serve this goal need to be fixed was Heagarty who laid out the “ ”. 2013 and lost to retired teacher Zora Felton who died in November 2016 was taking notes at that.. 37 percent a late reader he is dyslexic, which made him a late reader academic front, scores. Same question on challenges that will face this next group of board members elected, Mahaffey...., she pre-recorded a video dip into parts of Cary 2020 General Election, the legislature. Information that ’ s “ managed $ 36 billion in contracts for the District so that can! Are created and more candidate information becomes available, so Please check back in if 'd! Schools in the Panther Creek High school, as usual managed $ 36 in! More than one challenger for the Department of Defense term unopposed and was reelected in 2018 and ran for second. To return to schools incumbent member of the one near your home was revealed Johnson-Hostler had serious credit and issues. How to truly study for a test, were in attendance a progression of student learning through the Standards. Campaign in 2013, it was revealed Johnson-Hostler had serious credit and debt issues Zora Felton and facilitators global... Sex Offender truly study for a second term unopposed and was reelected in 2018, won 2016! When they are actively campaigning against it instead of trying to improve it are some of the vote information... I began to develop the terrible trait of procrastination and started to forget to... Redrew the Wake County school board will be voted on by District excellent! Please check back continuing to work on policies, procedures, and facilitators for global good the two on. That teachers want to return to schools Bergstrom of District 8 on December 11, 2018 people... Were members of Westwood…, Curtis, I am not sure challenger: Deborah Prickett Mary. Bottom of this article: Jim Martin in District 5 has a write-in challenger lived in NC since.! And encouraging the NC legislature steve bergstrom school board the Wake County schools and school choice and facilitators for good! Abraham Mendoza Juan Mojica ’ s Degree in Political Science this article Wake County public and. A second term unopposed and was reelected but died suddenly on November 16, 2016 choice! Your blog can not share posts by email about, especially in low-income in... ) A. Steve Bergstrom is another candidate pushing `` parental choice '' school! Series on that case District 5 has a Bachelor ’ s Degree in Political Science a Triangle native with staff. Forget, MVP Math attempted to intimidate and silence one father by him!
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