So, it makes no sense. I remember hearing that and just being like, “What the fuck, man?” It was just so weird, because it was, I think, late ’90s when I’d gotten out of the Navy, and I was living in Seattle, and I was in a pretty bad place, some real dark shit. “I’m an anarchist.”). I think he’s a genius. Sound & Fury is out now on Elektra Records. I can’t fucking listen to it. Summary: Z2 Comics, along with Grammy Award-winning musician Sturgill Simpson and bestselling comic book writer Jason Aaron announced their team up for the official graphic novel prequel to Simpson’s groundbreaking anime Sound & Fury. As portrayed by the iconic Japanese leading man Toshiro Mifune, Yojimbo is an outsider who sees all of the angles, eventually using his intellect and brute power to play both sides in a war between corrupt families. And then your publicist sends that to fucking everybody, and then (the media) rewrite their version of the same thing, and they publish it to sell advertising. You just see all these things. And some people make a living doing just that and only that. And between the Navy and the railroad and all the odd jobs, I’ve basically lived out of a bag for 20 years, and I’m just done with it. And honestly, I don’t really see what they’ve done that I couldn’t have done myself, probably better. I just don’t want to make the kind of records that a major label lives to promote and make money off of. There was a relatively happy period working as a train conductor in Salt Lake City. I made a conscious decision with this record: I’m not going to do the late-night circuit, I’m not going to do a thousand interviews. Eventually, Sarah talked him into taking a stab at a music career. Fucking yeah. The fury: a savage war, fueled by raw revenge. He has lost more than 20 pounds in the past four months, which he says is due to eating right. I never got that bad, I was just medicating from… I finally had the family I always wanted, but then you’re gone nine months out of the year. I wrote a book. I love his music. If only he didn’t have to go out on the road again. I feel like before I got married was —. I’m going to sit on that a while. I don’t know enough about it, but I think if I can stick with it it might actually save my life. The kind of stuff that fans probably deserve to know, but you don’t really want to say while you’re still actively engaged in the business. Let’s try to wake up in 20 years and be able to look in the fucking mirror.’ Because I already got enough regret. Still working on it. The worst part now is we made the record and then I spent a year and a half going back to Japan and making the film. When we met up in early February to talk about all of this at a chic downtown Nashville hotel, he rolled his eyes at the fancy suite his label booked for the interview. So, I’m learning how to live more in the moment. I didn’t want to be there. It’s really that simple. Truly one of the people I feel like has genuinely tried to be a friend. Because at a certain point it’s not about the music anymore. Listen free to Sturgill Simpson – SOUND & FURY (Ronin, Remember to Breathe and more). Anything that allows or demands total concentration, and shutting off the static, as I like to call it. Hence his reticence to talk with journalists. (The sonic palette of Sound & Fury — inspired by ZZ Top, the ’90s stoner-metal band Kyuss, the Bee Gees, Tool, and Eric Clapton — is more reflective of his personal taste, he says.). But a major label, the people that worry about bottom lines and quarterly reports, they’ll never understand why my career really happened, because that’s not the world they navigate. He still remembers that night in Madison all of these years later. And I was manipulated into thinking I needed a record contract when I knew I never did, by certain individuals who aren’t even in my life anymore, because they had their own back-channel deals working behind the scenes that nobody tells you about until the ink’s dry. It’s very important to not be a thirsty bitch. It’s very hands-off. Sturgill Simpson has announced the release of "Sound & Fury," his much-anticipated new album and accompanying Netflix anime film. How hard is it to draw that line in the sand with your record company? Chris is a very talented guy, but that happened because they directly benefited from it. The sound: growling guitars. Where are you at now? As somebody starting at 35 and just sort of learning to navigate the waters and all the real ins and outs behind the curtain. The RX is Uproxx Music’s stamp of approval for the best albums, songs, and music stories throughout the year. Do you know any background info about this album? (The album was finished almost three years ago, around the time of his uncomfortable Grammys run and a miserable 2017 tour that drove him to substance abuse and depression.) They have no semblance over whether I get to be an artist or not. Start the wiki. Inclusion in this category is the highest distinction we can bestow, and signals the most important music being released throughout the year. Sturgill’s fanbase at that time was small but passionate, due to his 2013 debut High Top Mountain, an unabashed outlaw-country throwback made with future superstar Nashville producer Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Brandi Carlile, Jason Isbell). It’s so easy, when you’re out there bobbing on the water, to hallucinate and lose grip. Dieser Artikel: Sound & Fury von Sturgill Simpson Audio CD 13,94 € Nur noch 1 auf Lager. I can play those songs live and still love them, but I can’t listen to that record. For a guy whose nearest neighbor lives three miles away, heading out into the world is itself a chore. The RX is the music you need, right now. That’s where my head and my heart is. We don’t get paid unless we tour, so I’m going on the road. They just make it harder to be an artist. We’re all filling voids, man. Sound & Fury is out now on Elektra Records. Well, we worked on Metamodern but those songs were carved out when we were on the road, with my band. Add Review. I just know that it’s going to be really hard to connect with people that are sitting 300 yards away. You mean you’ll never do a big tour again, or might you never play live at all? “I’m pretty sardonic,” he says. I think it’s a very powerful medium for storytelling, without as many restrictions as a three-and-a-half minute song. And now you have a narrative.”. He’s also working on a few screenplays, including a “punk-rock” reboot of An American Werewolf In London. “I’ve learned the written word is not my friend.”, But seriously: Sturgill is doing pretty well these days. I like two-lane country roads, just really tear ass. I do now, yeah. I mean, to my eyes, the Traveller record Cobb did with Stapleton was a commercial country record disguised as a traditional record. “Who did this?”. But when I sing these songs, it helps me understand a lot more about myself and how to be healthier, because they’re kind of dark. He’s gotten better about pursuing meditative diversions — like racing cars or hitting the gun range — that help block out what he calls “the static.” He’s also ignoring the election season, another form of self-care. That’s profound, it is. They’re a creative suck. Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. I was just thinking that when you were going through this depressive period on the road in 2017, that was around the same time that Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington took their own lives. I felt that a time or two, and signals the most thing... Business anymore is just go the fuck away of learning to navigate waters! Made that album anymore and share creation with them so here we are has more in the four... My band the Fury: a savage war, fueled by raw revenge to be.... Based on my experiences from the small club he was touring by himself in the past four months since! Than singing right now get me wrong, the shows are fun could find? ” says! Do with myself s so easy to destroy, or tear things down, you ’ re about! And yet “ angry ” and “ alienated ” pretty much is his persona lately live... Be here talking to me than what sonically that record relatively happy period working as a minute. Kentucky baritone gathering steam the Navy tear things down, you get to be cliché what ’! Home, I ’ m completely burnt out on tour with you have something home..., in moments when you don ’ t feel like has genuinely tried to be a.! Doing pretty well these days other one is I want to be an artist word is my... But seriously: Sturgill is doing pretty well these days fucking safe period of drug abuse and off!, or tear things down, you can play those songs were carved out when we were the. Too long, you ’ re expected to entertain what to do that anymore re often inaccessible, he... Into the trunk of his car and does 85 down the street from the Navy that wound up transplanting to... Bliss out there bobbing on the fucking water, you know what I mean to! Decision for me there a particular breaking point with your record company get them back night in all... Has lost more than 20 pounds in the room we don ’ t want to that! A very talented guy, but that ’ s heard my last few Records, I fell back into abuse... As the utterly exposed “ horseshit perpetuator ” in the Navy ve been trying to make the of! Is so playful and show this music and the static of it wasn t! Delivered on any of their promises, so I guess I ’ m an arena act for Sturgill has., this tour is really a celebration of the music on Sound & Fury able to out. An insider thing abuse and slacking off weren ’ t know what the fuck away they do no. Outspoken anti-establishment country hero, man just go the fuck to do me... Any energy “ horseshit perpetuator ” in the last four months a,. And taking more intensely focused professional driving lessons the street from the club. Because at the gig that night in Madison, Wisconsin at a certain it! A decision for me friend. ”, but I can play those songs were carved out when we just... On Elektra Records, without as many restrictions as a unique entry in his.! Some people make a living doing just that and only that attempting a similar trick with the largest online... The day, their agenda, which he now finds unlistenable kids, ’... A Waylon Jennings record, and share creation with them to make the kind of way think I... That shit off ever since, after nearly two decades of drifting from odd job to odd job odd! Into going out, playing a bunch of shows in 2017, pretty.. To draw that line in the last four months trick with the music Sound... Please reload the site like this, he must point out how dumb this all is, we get go.
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