The minimum tank size required for them is around 250 gallons. Silver Arowana Care Lifespan Tank Size Mates. Silver Arowana Fish mainly have their own unique hunting style which is different from others. Generally, they are known to have a distinctive hunting style. Read more…. The characteristic which makes them easy distinguishable is their jawline. Red Tilapia $ 1.00. The fish lives in calm waters in floodplains and swamps since it is unable to maneuver through rapids. Keeping a silver arowana in a cramped space will leave them stressed, aggressive, and motivated to jump. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Arowanas, also called Dragon Fish, are unique aquatic creatures. Its maximum total length is typically considered to be 0.9 m (3.0 ft), but there are reports of individuals up to 1.2 m (3.9 ft). They generally pair off and build a nest before spawning. Try to pick up a fish, which is peaceful but also slightly aggressive. You can expect your … In addition to fish, the arowana eats snails, frogs, insects, and crabs. They quickly outgrow most hobby aquarist tanks, and require a tank at least 250 gallons in capacity. I don't want to use stingrays because the fact that i have rocks on the bottom. The fish appears flat when observed from the side, but you can make out significant girth if you look at them head-on. Arowanas are solitary fish and only allow company while young; adults may show dominance and aggression. Silver Arowana Fish belongs to the class of predator fishes and they have the capability to grow up to the size of 4 feet and can weigh around 6 kg. They are seen in the aquariums of restaurants and aquatic museums. Osteoglossum bicirrhosum dates back to the Jurassic age. Minimum Tank Size: 900L Care Level: Moderate Temperament: Aggressive and likely to attack most tankmates. If you see their body from the side then you will come to know that their long sleek body is just flat. A large quantity of food is required to feed them. The size of the eggs is large and they are orange or red in color. The most important condition to be observed to keep this fish in a tank is the size of this tank. Arowana Fish are very large in size and silver in color. Hey, I'm Fabian, chief editor at Aquarium Nexus. It is a status symbol among wealthy Asian men. They are big fish with equally large appetites, and the water quality in the tank can quickly deteriorate. Whilst beginners are not usually recommended to start with caring for fish such as this, for an experienced fish tank keeper, this can make a wonderful addition to their aquarium. Silver arowanas will flourish in good water conditions, which means keeping the nitrite and ammonia levels at 0 ppm and nitrate levels below 20 ppm. They will bully and snack on most smaller creatures. While you can keep young arowana in a 55-gallon aquarium, you will quickly need a larger tank as they grow bigger. Silver Arowanas are large in fish so they also require a tank according to their size, which means that the tank should be large enough. The scales will also reflect green, blue, and red tints as the fish grows older. They are known to be carnivores as per their eating habits. If you still want to buy them then go for at least 8 inches long fish as they are mature by this time and you can easily keep them. The common names of this fish are Monkey Fish and Dragonfish. They generally have a life of around 10-15 years. It is recommended that the fish tank be a minimum of 950 liters (250 gallons). 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Silver Arowana mainly prefer a meat-based diet. Aug 6, 2011 16,358 14,317 1,645 Ohio. This fish is not generally recommended for the beginners, but experienced aquarium enthusiasts may have this fish to have a fantastic addition. They generally have a life of around 10-15 years. For the set-up of tank you will require freshwater, rocks and caves. Only experienced aquarium enthusiasts are capable of taking proper care of them. Cloudy eye is another condition that develops from the fish turning sideways to eat and scratching its eye. However, because of their huge adult size of 35 - 40 inches (89 - 102 cm) they are not recommended for the beginning aquarist. Silver Arowana Fish are known to be very strong and powerful swimmers but they are aggressive too by nature. You can feed them once a day once their growth rate slows down. When Silver Arowana Fishes are very small, the bigger aggressive fishes can easily bully them, so you should keep them with 6 or more Silver Arowanas. It is recognized among the few prehistoric bony-tongued fish that inhabit the fresh waters of the world. They are bred in extensive fish farms in South America, where the tropical temperatures contribute to success. The wildlife enthusiasts often notice the hunting style of this fish. Porcupine Quills In A Cat – Keep Your Cat Healthy, The Herding Dogs Breeds – Breed Profile, Facts, Images, Shetland Sheepdog: Breed Profile & Facts (Best Guide), Cat Parasite – Types Of Most Common Cat Parasite Details, 5 Simple Tips to Fight Cat Odors in Your Home, Best Cat Clothes – Cat Clothes And Accessories, Learn all about Cat Vitamins and Minerals for Your Cat, Cat Training – Obedience Tips for Your New Cat, Urinary problems in cat and How to Treat this Problems, Information about Slider Turtle | How to Take Care Of That, British Shorthair Cat Or European Shorthair Cat Breed Temperaments. How To Take Care of A Dog (Guide & Full Information) All About Dog Care. Try to change the water weekly. Silver Arowana: Care Guide, Tank Size, Diet and More… reidz 14th November 2019. Recommended tank capacity must be over 500 liters (132 gallons). If you want to add a silver arowana to a community tank, remember that it is a predatory fish. The mouth opens in three pieces, and when they bite, the teeth move up to the mouth’s roof. Previous product. They get so big so fast. Avg. Silver Arowana Scientific Name: Osteoglossum bicirrhosum Origin: South America Size at Maturity: ~2.5-3' Breeding: Mouth brooder (males) Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Water Temperature: 75-82 F Tank Size: Minimum 200 gal. Juveniles can do fine in tanks as small as 60 gallons. An adult will require at least 250 gallons to be comfortable. Silver Arowana also have an advantage over the other species and that is they can survive without water for a short period of time. Silver Arowana can also be called as the Monkey fish or dragonfish. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask them. Only experienced aquarium enthusiasts are capable of taking proper care of Silver Arowana. Potential Tank Mates: larger bottom feeders, Plecos, other South American Cichlids su Provide a calm current for the fish and promote aeration to boost the oxygen levels. MFK Member. They can reach 48 inches in captivity, and you will require a large tank to keep them comfortable. This fish has a bony structure and is native to the South American Amazon River basin. Arowanas can jump up to three meters from the water to catch prey from low-hanging branches, and bird and snake remnants have even been found in the arowana’s stomach. For the set-up of tank, you will require freshwater, rocks, and caves. More Details. The bare minimum tank size for a single silver arowana is 250 gallons, and if anything less is provided, it’s almost guaranteed issues will arise. So, it has always been recommended that place them in an appropriately sized aquarium tank. Since the male holds the eggs for 6-8 weeks, he must have sufficient fat reserves to see him through. Silver arowanas often surprise aquarists by breaking the aquarium glass. I was going to try gars, but people said they were to aggressive. Quick Read: Things You Should Know Before Buying An Aquarium. Fresh meat can be expensive so in order to lower down the expenses, you can also go for frozen foods. This means that both the length and width of the tank need to be larger than this; the height also needs to allow the fish to naturally establish a territory in the upper water layers of the tank. There should be a low foot-traffic area in the tank in which you are placing the Silver Arowana. You can also train the fish to feed on your fingers. Size (Inches) 0. So, it has always been recommended that place them in an appropriately sized aquarium tank. You might think that this is a big capacity but, these fishes grow very fast and once they cross their juvenile stage they need at least 250 gallons of the tank. Young arowanas are around 2 inches when they hatch, and they congregate around their father for at least four months as their yolk sac is absorbed. They are generally known to be semi-aggressive. He does not eat the eggs, but rather, holds them for protection. Silver Arowana’s long lifespan makes them a species of fish, which should be considered only by the experienced aquarists. Next product. :) Lots of fish:) Your right it's a large tank, so are the fish, I'm planning to build a 2500 gallon tank for them in the near future:headbang2. Silver arowana tank requirements Silver arowanas can grow to be over 36 inches (92 cm) long. In this article we will discuss the care guide for this fish in detail. They are also rarely kept in home aquariums. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below. Most aquarium hobbyists simply aren’t equipped to handle the sheer size and activity of a Silver Arowana, finding that these fish rapidly outgrow their existing tanks no matter how large. If you see Silver Arowana Fish body from the side then you will come to know that their long sleek body is just flat. First of all, one thing that needs to be kept in mind and that is Silver Arowanas is a predator fish. The water temperature should be well maintained and that is from 75 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also add driftwood, rocks, and other decorations for the arowanas to hide when they feel skittish. Silver Arowana is known for its large size and its ability for hunting. The substrate choice is up to you, but the ideal one should highlight the colors of your arowana. You can keep 6 of them in a natural pond or an aquarium of the approximately the same size. You will require a heavy cover to stop them from jumping. For a silver arowana to be healthy in captivity, they have to be housed in the largest aquariums on the market. You want to increase the amount of food you offer at this time. This tank can be used till your Arowana reaches 12–15″ in length. Click to enlarge. However, they have a very rapid growth rate. The characteristic which makes them easy distinguishable is their jawline. Actually, this is one of those fish that are probably best kept in the wild or in huge public aquariums. Many hobby aquarists adorn this species of fishes. But in the home aquariums, they will have a length of around 3 feet. Silver Arowana For Sale, the Silver Arowana is a bony, freshwater fish that is native to the South American Amazon River Basin.Also known as the Dragon Fish, Monkey Fish, and occasionally misspelt as Arawana and Arahuana, this fish is adored by many hobby aquarists.Arowana are strong powerful swimmers, and can be fairly aggressive at times. As mentioned in the appearance section above, Silver Arowanas are large fish and strong swimmers. Their size is up to 3 feet. Silver Arowana Fish are mouthbrooders. If they are being placed in a small aquarium then they will definitely jump in search of freedom. Your email address will not be published. You can also decorate your aquarium with the help of the driftwood, sturdy plants and rockwork. The female lay eggs before the eggs are being taken into the mouth of the male. Renowned for its large size and predatory instincts, this fish is normally considered a prized possession for most hobby aquarists out there. If you take a closer look then you will come to know that females are thicker as compared to the males. But the plants with weak roots should definitely be avoided. You can use fine gravel to avoid injuring your fish. Never overcrowd the tank of Silver Arowana with too much water species because this fish is aggressive and also need much space to dwell. Please always ask a veterinarian for help regarding your pets. This fish is an active swimmer, and it can survive in oxygen-deficient water. But after some time shift them in large tanks as otherwise their growth will not proper and there can be somebody deformation or reduced lifespan. The content of this website is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. What Are The Most Expensive Aquarium Fish? Silver Arowanas is not found suitable for the beginners. Since these fish can leap at least 4 feet out of the water, it is also best to leave several feet of room between the lid and the water to reduce the risk of injury. This may take up to 1year depending on the food you give.

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